Walk like an Egyptian by Merhamet Miller


The Season of Djehuti or Thoth
“Thoth, Wise Ibis, he of glib tongue
Record keeper, voice of Atum Ra,
You witness all, You speak only wisdom
Please guide me in my words today.
May I hear your voice through the words of others
And listen, sending them to my heart
So that I may grow into being emerald green
And pleasing in sight and sound like you…”—-Merhamet

This season we celebrate Thoth and this is who we must walk with this summer. His original name to the Egyptians was Djehuti/Tjehuti (Day-who-tee). Most of us see him as a God with a pen in his hand and a tablet, and yet we know because of his transformation through the Greeks and the Middle Ages he became the God who is considered the Author of the “Emerald Tablets”. Thus, the God that was originally seen as the “Voice of Ra” and “Glib of Tongue” and “Wise” was transformed into the “Magician’s God”.

One of his most relevant transformations in our modern times is that of the “God of Technology” for living in an era where technology is part of everything he “soothes us” and shows us “how it can aid us” and helps us maintain balance with it. Unlike many primitive Gods or Goddesses that rail against technology, or seem to shy away from it Thoth encourages us to embrace it…for it is a gift, and he is part and parcel of that invention.

He was originally paired with a Goddess named Seshat as his mate. She was the Goddess who lived in libraries, and organized the Akashic records which he himself had created and gathered and put into physical form. She also created mathematics, was called the Silicon Goddess and so it becomes apparent that in the beginning Thoth was partnered with a Goddess/feminine energy that was his counterpart in all things.

Together they created the record banks that people of all spiritual paths access when they meditate, journey, or ask a question and receive an answer from their Spirit guide. Many people also see the Library that Seshat and Thoth created as a history of the universe; and feel that the “truth” of who they are and what we are “here for” lies within that space. So we find that many, who worship Thoth, see him as the historian and approach him not only for information about past lives, their purpose, but also ask him to help them write their personal history.

In the mid to later dynasties Thoth became paired/married to Maat the Goddess of Truth, Justice, and a “philosophy” of life. While many modern Pagans have a problem seeing Thoth switch wives we tend to forget that in Ancient times it was not uncommon to have more than one wife or even husband (especially in Egypt) and that the Egyptians many times merged deities into a new one when the function of the older deity became mute. In short, Seshat lost favor and was forgotten by the people and Maat emerged as part and parcel of the daily life of Egyptians.

“Walk in Maat”, “May you live in Maat”, “May your Maat be strong”, we phrases said to friends, family, strangers, guests, and rulers in Egypt on a daily basis so it is not unusual that Thoth was paired with this Goddess whose daily invocation was part of Egyptian life. It shows us how necessary, and essential he was to the Egyptians themselves. Thoth and Maat were a pair, and that both of them were what ruled and made Egypt wonderful (to the Egyptians) was understood.

You may wonder why I am explaining Thoth through other deities, but to be honest there are not many surviving records or stories of Thoth that are told without him being described without other Gods and Goddesses being involved. It is as if he and the Gods of Egypt are part and parcel. Nut, and Geb who gave birth to Isis, Set, Osiris, Hathor, Horus the Elder, and Nephthys would not be here if it were not for him. He constantly intervenes with Atum Ra, Khefru, Khhnum, Ptah, he is the “intercessor” of the Great Judgment halls where all the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt convene and meet constantly to discuss how they would handle issues or things. He is the reason there is “order” and “chaos” he would not let Horus the younger slay Set for to do so would eliminate chaos from which everything is created. He made Ra, call back Hathor/Sekhmet so that all of humanity was not slain. He is the voice of reason and wisdom and it is recorded that most, if not all, Pharaohs kept the priest and priestesses of this God as the Chief Adviser when running their kingdom for they were literally a medium for “Thoth” who advised them on what they should do.

Thoth ColorSo how did he become to be called the “God of Magick”? All Gods and Goddesses of Egypt were Neter and were Heka (magick) and employed Heka; Isis was considered the “Queen of Heka” and there was a God named Heka who gave the energy of magick form. It should be noted that the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth” is attributed to Hermes Trismesgitus (Hermes thrice born, or Hermes thrice greatest) it is the foundation for the philosophy Hermetica which is a legendary Hellenistic Greek telling of philosophy, history, and story of transmutation(you know iron to gold), the Philosopher’s stone and much more.

Hermes was the Greek name or version of Thoth; though he does not resemble the Thoth of the Egyptians but this does not seem to bother Modern Pagans. What many also forget, when reading this text is that it a composition written by someone claiming to be the “third incarnation of Thoth” and while that is not a far stretch for worshipers of him to believe, in actuality the text seems to be an Arabic work written during the 6th or 7th century (Arabic and Turkish dialects are what modern Egyptians speak even today). If you are a worshiper of Thoth and have never read the work, you should and it is up to you to decide if you feel the work is “legitimate” and “Thoth-like” or “worthy” or not.

Myself, I do not find it a far stretch of imagination to believe that Thoth evolved this far, or would finally share his history and I have found the work interesting especially his description of the “fall of Atlantis”, and his role in it. The magick, and history shared in this book establishes Thoth as the God of Magick and very ancient indeed, and makes many of us forget his roles of : the harbinger of technology, the God of Wisdom, the historian, he who has a ‘glib tongue’, the voice of Atum Ra, he who dispenses the offerings equally, the great arbitrator, the scribe, the creator and maintainer of Akashic records. In fact, I feel if we approach Thoth, like many of us do as “Just the GOD of” Magick it might be why he rebukes us and walks away. He has so much more depth than this, and has so much more wisdom and knowledge to share.

How can we worship Thoth in the 21st century? Why not take a practical approach? When you use technology (cell phones, internet, calculator, computer) ask Thoth to help you or dedicate it to Thoth! When you need wisdom ask Thoth for help. When you need to speak clearly, and smoothly…call on this deity. When it seems life has handed you chaos, and you are seeking to transform it call on Thoth. When you mediate, or journey, or astral travel call on Thoth! But most importantly, remember this lay out an offering to him (beer and bread are favorites) but in modern times the Gods love anything that you love! Thank him for his role in your life, or just for being present in this modern world! Take the time to delve in deep with this deity and see that his hand is on our civilization everywhere. This is a deity that will not die, crumble, or go away, he just evolves, and provokes us with the development of Technology. His time is here once again…and it cannot end badly; if we just listen to his wisdom.

“Man is in the process of changing, to forms that are not of this world; grows he in time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are one with the light.”~ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Hail and Welcome People of the Woods


July 2014 Interview of Maeve and Greybeard, The People of The Woods


I heard Lady Bella speak once on the topic of silk worm silk v. spider silk. She said that the silk produced by spiders is so much stronger and better than the silk produced by silk worms, but the process cannot be duplicated. Silk worms are dumped into a bin and left over night and in the morning there is a pile of silk, but if you dumped spiders into a bin and left them over night in the morning you would have one fat and very full spider and no silk. Obviously this is the most simplistic description of what is truly a complex process. But think for a moment of the paradigms involved. One is a group that works together to accomplish their goals, the other is a group that literally consumes each other and by proxy itself. In this way, we as Pagan’s, have an opportunity to choose our path. We can be one who contributes to the good of the whole, one who chooses to share resources and in turn one who receives the benefit of shared assets, both tangible and metaphysical.

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church offers a unique opportunity to solitary practitioners and independent groups in that they have the chance to step under the umbrella of ATC, be embraced in love and fellowship, and be granted support by becoming an affiliate. For the groups or solitaries out there who struggle along on their own the chance to affiliate with ATC can be a wondrous sharing of experience, ideas, and affections. In that vein I asked Maeve and Greybeard, leaders of ATC’s newest affiliate, to sit down with a Kurious Kitie and share their decision.


We met at Goddess Fest, an annual festival held in picturesque Julia Davis Park, which is located in downtown Boise, Idaho. Maeve was a striking woman with silver hair and bright eyes that flashed with wisdom. She had a commanding bearing and I thought that I could sit at her feet and learn for eons. Greybeard was a darling grandfatherly sort with twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and an enormous grey beard worthy of his name. With his joviality and warm smile he made me think of hot apple cider, fruit cake and holiday carols, reminiscent of Father Christmas.

KK: Thank you both so much for sitting down with me. I really appreciate the chance to rifle through your brains.

Maeve (M): Thank you for asking us, Kitie. We love the chance to share our beliefs with others.

KK: Tell me, what is the full name of your circle?

Greybeard (G): The People of the Woods; Church of the Old Religion.

KK: I asked you here because you decided to affiliate with the ATC. I think that is kind of amazing and I wanted to find out more about you, your church, and your decision.

Maeve shared with me that she and Greybeard had been together for over 17 years. In that time Greybeard had also been a longtime friend of Pete Pathfinder and the decision to affiliate with ATC had been in the forefront of their minds for the last decade.

G: I first met Pete at a COG convention…


G: Covenant of the Goddess. At one of their conventions in the 90’s.

Greybeard had heard some stories about disagreement among affiliates in the Seattle area. The details of which were foggy, but he wasn’t surprised because disharmony among circles was the norm.

G: At that time I was the High Priest of a church called Our Lady of the Woods. I maintained a loose contact with Pete, sometimes just having exchanged web addresses on our websites. Back then the ATC website always had a countdown clock to Spring Mysteries, but I was living too far away to go. I wanted to pursue an affiliate at that time, but the group, as often happens, split in two.

KK: Forgive me, I’m still a new born in most things Pagan and I sort of have a million and one questions. So, when you tell me that groups often split, do you mean that in the sense of birthing a new church where your dedicants go and form a new church or do you mean some sort of disharmonious rending?

G: They divide into separate covens and split off.

M: Disagreements sometimes happen, but more often what happens as we train up coveners [M and G's term for members of a coven], after a few years in the dedicant stage they may be mature enough to want to do something of their own. They may end up being HP & HPs and we’ll be coveners, I don’t know, but we want to make that process smooth for them, because it is a natural maturation process. Part of our tradition is that we have certain things that we share and hold in common that we want to pass on. Another part of that tradition is being flexible and allowing for change, because there is a lot of spontaneity and creativity in the way that we do rituals. We welcome that and include peoples ideas and creativity and let them have the chance to develop authority and that kind of attitude on the part of coven leaders… ya know, sometimes you find it and sometimes you don’t.

Maeve chuckled softly, tossing her hand up, eyes rolled high  her passion for mentoring brought her to the edge of her seat.

M: There is a lot of variety in the way covens actually work out over time.

We like the autonomy that the ATC promises to local covens. That you can be autonomous and still be affiliated.KK: That is a really positive healthy attitude and I really appreciate that. That’s really what I meant when I said that it’s really eye opening for me when you say that it is common for them to split. It seems that it would be the natural evolution of a group to grow and eventually hive off.

M: Sometimes it’s negative and sometimes it’s positive, but it’s allowed for in a lot of the books. That as they grow they begin to want to do things in their way and then they go out and form a new coven and that is how we grow.

G: People and relationships grow and change after a few years.

M: Often people move and this way they can take what they have learned with them and share it with others.

G: The People of the Woods, was first formed in Los Alamos, New Mexico and then moved to Albuquerque. We used the state symbol of New Mexico, the symbol of the Zia Pueblo people, because it is on the state flag. There’s been some legal battles because the Zia Pueblo claim the state stole the symbol from them, but we stole it from both of them, so we have no pride.

His beard twitched with rosy cheeked laughter and I saw a glimpse of the mischievous boy he must have been. 

G: We can worship the sun ourselves.

KK: What made you want to come to the ATC then?

G: We dropped out of COG in the 1990’s, Maeve finished her PhD and we moved to find a job for her. Our other coven members moved to different places, the original group dissolved, so we started inviting people to join near Spokane, but Maeve was so busy with scholarly work and we didn’t have a lot of time to spend on it. I did networking in the Spokane area with other pagans. I would sometimes travel to Pagan festivals doing teachings and rituals as an honored guest.

Greybeard shared that the legal battle involving the Church of Iron Oak drew his attention back to the ATC. During their campaign he contributed to their legal defense fund and re-immersed himself in the trail blazed by Pete Pathfinder. Now relocated in Washington, they were finally able to participate in Spring Mysteries. Impressed by the professionalism of the ATC staff, they also took the chance to meet Jon and Jeanine Lesniak of Golden Thread Grove (A Boise ATC Affiliate) They had not realized how large the ATC had grown and they were amazed at the number of affiliates.

G: We liked a lot of the things we found with the ATC. We want to work with the broader Pagan community all over the country. Our decision in part was that we wanted to support the ATC in what they are doing. I think it’s good for our religion and for ourselves.

M: The short version was that I got tenure, I became department chair and I finally had time and really wanted larger ties. The move to Washington has caused a lot of growth for us.

G: We like the autonomy that the ATC promises to local covens. That you can be autonomous and still be affiliated. You don’t have to do everything the ATC way, exactly. And then, they are Wiccan and we are Wiccan and that works out real well. In these days where there are so many kinds of Pagans, it is nice that they are officially Wiccan. Bella’s nice!

KK: (laughs)

M: The ATC manages at the same time to have clear principles and standards that they are very specific about and at the same time the people are very loving. The whole atmosphere and the energy is very positive.

Maeve and Greybeard attended Spring Mysteries again in 2014. It was their second pilgrimage to Fort Flagler and this trip was special to them. Having made the decision to affiliate, they didn’t make the journey alone. They brought a few coveners with them to share in the blessings of the Mysteries. The couple met with Lady Bella at the sea side cottage. It was there closeted with other third degrees, affiliates, and WSTS professors,  that Lady Belladonna welcomed them into the group and announced them as the ATC’s newest affiliate. The pair were shocked yet pleased, because they had not yet turned in their paperwork or told the Lady of their decision.

KK: She just knows sometimes.

M: We were glad because we had made the decision and it was a warm welcome.

She went on to describe her own personal dark night of the soul being tied to a destructive individual who claimed to have leaning toward the priesthood. After freeing herself and rediscovering her own worth, Maeve was blessed with a chance meeting with Starhawk.KK: How did you personally come to a pagan path?

G: I was raised in the Episcopal Church but I never really got it. Then I spent 20 years looking around for something better. In my early 40’s I met a woman who shared hobbies with me and we really hadn’t been following any religion at all, but I spent time out in the woods communing with the trees and after a discussion with her I found out the whole Pagan thing existed. There was no Pagan Pride in those days, and if there had been I don’t know that I would have gone to it or known enough about it to go.

Greybeard went on to describe his path of apprenticeship for three years before becoming High Priest of his, then, coven. The group that he had studied with was called the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago, a Quasi-Gardnerian group.

G: Fairly recently we were contacted by the original founder of the Temple of the Pagan Way, who over the years had lost most of their material. They are trying to reconstruct their history and documents and they contacted me.

KK: Wow! That’s amazing.

G: I have been supplying them with copies of the material.

M: He saves everything.

G: My file cabinet of shadows never fails! A book of shadows is nice, but a file cabinet… It’s a lot more space and you can be very organized. In the 90’s we developed a disc of shadows on DOS. As computers evolved we changed our format so the disc went away, but the file cabinet stayed.

Once my giggling was under control, Maeve continued with her story.

M: I also was raised kind of Episcopalian… well I wasn’t anything for a while, but I was a very religious child. I sought out churches and finally my family gave up and started taking me to a couple of churches so I wouldn’t get baptized into something weird.

KK: Whoa! That’s very open of them.

M: Yeah, I guess so. I never thought of it that way, but I guess it is.

KK: It sounds like they helped you make your own way rather than force you into something.

M: Nobody forced me. (laughing) I would go to the church down on the corner and get my little sister up and dressed and take her with me, but otherwise it was by myself. Then we went to the Episcopal Church for a couple of years. I found it really satisfying in so many ways. It was wonderful training in ceremonial magic, so I learned a lot with ritual and I really appreciate that. Then as an adult, I found it increasingly unsatisfying. I decided that my relationship was actually kind of addictive. I would feel the need of something, go to church and at that time I was going to church that had a lot of formal services. The kind of intense rituals and then at the end I would just want to go again. It was like an addictive cycle. It was no good. Maeve hit this slump of discontent in the mid-70’s. At the time she was a 20-something grad student, and she reasoned that with her knowledge of ritual and mythology, she had a strong enough foundation to form her own religion. She researched Goddess figures and started writing her own rituals, based on what fit her spiritual needs.

M: I decided that I would figure out what I need! In the mid-70’s there were not a lot of books around, and it took me a while realize that I had kind of reinvented witchcraft! (laughing) I thought, “Oh wait a minute! I know what this is!” It was kind of weird, but that was my introduction to the Pagan path.

She went on to describe her own personal dark night of the soul being tied to a destructive individual who claimed to have leaning toward the priesthood. After freeing herself and rediscovering her own worth, Maeve was blessed with a chance meeting with Starhawk. She connected with a coven of women and they worked together for years, learning and growing together. When that chapter drew to a close that she met Greybeard.

M: This taught me that what we have, what we do is so rooted into our natural connection to the Earth and its cycles. It can be destroyed, but it comes back because we pay attention to the cycles and the seasons, to what gives us pleasure and meaning and what life is about and then we can recover that knowledge. So, I invented witchcraft! Not many people know that. (laughing)

KK: (laughing) Amazing! You’ve given me so much material already, but I feel like there is a little more there. Since affiliating with ATC, what has been the most surprising?

M: When we go to ATC events people remember our names and give us big hugs. I’m really shocked at that. I’m not used to being so welcomed. I will add that Jon (HP of Golden Thread Grove, Boise affiliate) doesn’t always remember names, but that’s ok because we don’t always remember names. “Oh it’s you!” (laughing)There are some things you can do with numbers, with a public presence that you just can’t do without it. KK: If there was one specific thing that your group could lend to the ATC as a whole, what would that be?

M: We were talking about that last night. We see that Jon and Jeanine are doing work at Hekate’s Sickle and our feeling about that is, for the two of us that we have decided to be old. I mean, we’re pushing 70 and I’m getting past middle age and we’re getting into the time where I’m ok to say “old” and that is going to be my excuse for sitting down and letting other people work. But we have some new coveners who are young, some of them are very young. We are building a new generation and bringing new coveners into ATC and getting them over to experience the Mysteries and Sickle. So, what I want to give to ATC and to the world in general is another generation. To give them the means to continue growing and building our work. And what we can give them is some wisdom from our 40-50 years in this practice and stability, including some financial stability. We are able to contribute more than a lot of groups will. So, I think that there’s some benefits of age that we have and then being able to raise up another generation that will continue their work, I hope.

KK: You damn kids, get off my lawn!

M: (laughing)

G: I think being an ATC presence in the Spokane, Eastern Washington area is a benefit to the ATC in general because the mother church is primarily on the western side, and being able to network and build up the ATC is quite a gift.

M: That’s an excellent point. Greybeard is wonderful at networking.

G: We have met a group that is already working with the Greek and Roman pantheons and bringing them into the Spring Mysteries is a gift. Also, being able to join into Goddess Fest to support other groups is wonderful, it’s a little closer to Spokane than Seattle. I would like to get involved with helping the overall national organization a little bit. Bella is extremely loving and magical, she has a lot of work to do to keep this organization going and I see some of that… having areas where it might need some help. Contracts is my professional field. I don’t know where I can help with that, but as time goes on I’m hoping to help out some there.

KK: to G – You know, Dusty is very good, where if you tell him you want to work, he will find something for you to do, so there are going to be plenty of opportunities. To M – When you were saying that it’s OK to be old, I was thinking of this African Proverb that says “When an elder dies a library burns down.” That is always what I think of when I meet someone who accepts their age and who accepts their position to pass on their wisdom to a younger generation.

M: That’s very sweet. I’ve heard that proverb before, that’s the kind of wisdom that comes from an oral tradition and really ours historically is an oral tradition. We both feel a lot of need and desire to pass on what know and to create the circumstances where coveners can have those experiences for themselves. We really do want to share what we have experienced, valued, and learned to next generation.

KK: Is there anything that you would like to add that I haven’t already thought to ask?

M: I would like to add that I think that the ATC as an organization of affiliates is doing important work. It is so easy for small Pagan groups to feel isolated. The cultural environment has changed, but it’s not as different as we would like. There are some things you can do with numbers, with a public presence that you just can’t do without it. Just like there are some things you can do if you have a group that you can’t do in solitary practice, in terms of the energy or just in terms of creating a kind of public safety space for us to be Pagan’s. So, I think the affiliation process is really important. One of the reasons we wanted to do this is that we wanted to add to that network that Pete has done a lot to create.

Maeve called over a tall, statuesque woman. She was introduced to me as Aria, a member of their coven. Aria’s hair was blonde and lovely, with a face both open and honest, if a little fresh.

KK: You joined The People of the Woods and you came all the way from Spokane to celebrate with us this weekend?

She said “Yes.” with a pleasant smile.

KK: We love that! What drew you to their church?

Aria: I was listening to Maeve talk, and I felt this way all my life and didn’t have a name for it. I was just feeling like I needed to develop it and I was searching on the internet and found the link on Witchvox. I sent them an email and we started talking and it’s just been the best. I feel complete and I hadn’t felt that in a long time… well, ever.

KK: That’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing that. To Greybeard and Maeve – Now for the fun questions! What is your favorite ice cream?

M: Sadly, I am lactose intolerant, after finding that it took 5 years to give it up. But I used to like French vanilla chocolate, but now I have to subsist with sorbet. That’s not really ice cream.

G: My favorite is orange with chocolate chips. But it is rare and hard to find, the last orange I found was at a Haagan-Dazs in the Atlanta zoo. About 15 years ago, I found an ice cream shop in Seattle that made their own, orange freckle ice cream. It was delicious. That’s my favorite, when I can get it.

KK: Ok one more. If you were on another planet looking at this planet through a telescope, what would you name the planet or constellation?

M: The whole galaxy? And what language would we be speaking?

G: Fred. Fred I think.

M: I think it would have to be something untranslatable that would sound kind of like Klingon. Translated as the galaxy of trees.

KK: Awesome!

M: I would suspect that the trees are very important and I don’t know why.

G: I should speak to Jon about this! We are celebrating John Barley Corn and you cannot get a glass of John anyplace.

M: I thought about that and I trust that he has tried to get that to happen and cannot. I suspect city ordinances has something to do with that.

With hugs, tears, and laughter I thanked Maeve and Greybeard for their time and wisdom. They left me feeling simultaneously exhausted and energized. My questions were answered and a thousand more spawned. The ATC is truly blessed to add such incredible people into their fold. I hope to visit them again so Greybeard can regale me with tales of the Salem Witchtrials and Maeve can blow my mind with her knowledge of mythology. I hope that by reading this, others will have the chance to dine on a meal rich in wisdom, loaded with experience, garnished with humility and washed down with a tall glass of John.

Hail and Welcome, People of the Woods.


As always, Send any topics you would like discussed or questions you would like answered to me at Tiffanyafarlow@gmail.com. Feel free to comment below.

Albinism and our Natural World


Albinism and our Natural World

Photo: 2004 M.Bentley via www.http://commons.wikimedia.org

Photo: 2004 M.Bentley via www.http://commons.wikimedia.org

Albinism is an inherited condition of a mutation where the body does not produce the right kind of proteins that give us melanin, which produces pigment.

In my observations over the last twenty years it appears that albinism has been on the rise in sightings of white animals. To the left we see a stunning example of an albino peacock. Many examples of white or albino animals can now be found online from bird, to mammal, to reptile to the aquatic. I had wondered if this increase was simply due to the rise of photography equipment in the hands of more and more people, or if there was a marked increase in occurrence.

While historical statistics are hard to find it is estimated 200,000 human cases of Albinism in the US(1) and 600,000 in Nigeria (2) to name a few. In addition to the human variety of albinism it seems that more and more animal cases are seen and captured on film.

Most cultures in the world have holy meanings applied to white animals. Such as the White Elephant seen by Buddha’s Mother just before his birth, or the White Buffalo Calf Woman legend of the Lakota Tribe in America. These are just two examples among many that are too varied to list all in this venue. Due to the increase of sightings based off of my personal experience it would seem that we on Earth as a People may be heading towards a new spiritual awakening.

With the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and the awakening this Age implies; I may not be far off. Spiritualism is on the rise, particularly those of Earth based faith systems. We have seen a rise in Wicca from 8,000 in 1990, to 134,000 in 2001, and a whopping 342,000 in 2008 (5) in the US alone.  In contrast (but not CONFLICT) there is an apparent drop in Christianity, though one writer argues that it is not a drop in the faith but a better understanding and definition of what being Christian means (6).

The new Catholic Pope Francis (the First of his name in the papacy.. coincidence?) has done much to inspire Catholics and non Catholics alike with his open and tolerant approach to all people. Pope Francis was the first to include women in a Sacred Thursday ceremony back in March 28, 2013. Women had before, never been included in this ritual. In addition, Muslim inmates were also included in this ceremony. The attitude shift among major leaders in the world is another symptom of our global awakening.

We are seeing more changes in the earth; natural disasters, changes in our animals, changes in our own DNA which leads to more mutations such as albinism. It is believed by some to be symptomatic of our solar systems travel through a photon belt which is introducing the earth to new forms of radiation, and other shifts which causes species of all kinds to adapt and evolve (3). Other authors indicate that the increase of albinism has to do with the shifting of the earth’s poles (4). This phenomenon has been gradually occurring for many years though it seems physically and parapsychologically more distinct now. With this shift how will Wiccans, Pagans and Shamans be affected? Currently most traditions hail Earth to the North or Wind. As our poles shift, how will our elemental alignment shift?

In the world of color magic; white, for most cultures is a symbol of innocence and new beginnings. It is a blank canvas upon which we make our mark on the world. As we move into the age of Aquarius with it’s youthful vitality and inquisitive nature, we are born into a new consciousness. Is it any wonder we see that change manifest around us with various signs and symbols from the Universe and Deity? We have seen the rise of civil rights movements. We have seen the rise of environmental preservation on a global scale. We have seen the rise of the popularity of living better within our means, downsizing from stuff to EXPERIENCES.  Another of the signs indicating this shift in on a molecular level is albinism.  As our environment changes, so do we; As above, so below.

The Spiritual Renaissance has arrived, how will you embrace it?














(2) http://albinofoundation.org/albinism/albinism-in-africa/










Crescent Moon Gifts Receives 2014 Best of Tacoma Award


CrescentMoonGiftsTACOMA, Wash. — Crescent Moon Gifts has been selected for the 2014 Best of Tacoma Award in the Gift Shops category by the Tacoma Award Program.

Each year, the Tacoma Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Tacoma area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Tacoma Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Tacoma Award Program and data provided by third parties.

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Baba Yaga

by Jeanine Lesniak

Baba Yaga is one of the most prominent figures in Russian and Slavic fairy tales. There is a wealth of stories about Her, but She is complicated and not easily defined. She can appear to be fickle, inconsistent or even crazy, but really, She just bases her decisions upon being able to see people deep beneath their exterior—down to their deepest fears, darkest dreams and most ignoble motives.

When Baba Yaga speaks or acts, it may seem irrational to the observer because She is addressing the deep subconscious, which speaks a different “language” than the conscious mind. Because She usually plays an antagonistic role in myths and legends, Baba Yaga has been called a hag or demon, but She actually is both shapeshifter and Goddess.

Baba Yaga helps us to develop our authentic selves by pointing out our arrogance, pride and self-absorption, and, conversely, our low self-esteem, self pity, false humility and self-abuse. She urges us toward a healthy balance of honesty, integrity, purity of purpose, self-esteem and true humility. Her methods are of the “tried in the fire” variety, but when She gets the desired results, we will be favored with a boon of power. It could be the gift of fire, a magick horse or some other exotic and empowering treat.

Always approach Baba Yaga in innocent boldness and honest humility. Never try to fool Her, and always be prepared to be tested.

Jeanine Lesniak is the High Priestess of Golden Thread Grove – ATC in Boise, ID as well as the proprietor of the Crones Cupboard with her High Priest and husband, Jon.

Jeanine and Jon Lesniak will be presenting Baba Yaga and Dazbog on the Slavic path at this year’s 25th anniversary of Hekate’s Sickle Festival.

First image retrieved from Wikipedia.

ATC Announces New Date for Hekate’s Sickle Festival – October 16-19

From PRWEB.com

HSF2014QuarterPageATC Announces New Date for

Hekate’s Sickle Festival

October 16-19

For the last 24 years, Hekate’s Sickle has occurred on the first weekend in November. For the quarter century celebration, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church has announced that the date will be moved up to the third weekend in October.

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church

We have been searching for a way to make the 25th year anniversary of Hekate’s Sickle Festival more dynamic than we ever have, and to allow for the rebirth that is intended during the Pagan New Year.

Index, Washington (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

In an effort to allow more witches and Pagans to attend their home Samhain rituals, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church has moved the Hekate’s Sickle Festival up two weekends. This change will also allow for a longer, 4 day, festival to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

In addition to the date change, the festival has been moved to Fort Flagler, the home of their Spring Mysteries Festival for the last 29 years, and the festival will run for an additional day – Thursday through Sunday.

There were a number of factors that went into the recent changes. The new date allows for a longer and larger festival at a better facility. In addition to warmer, dryer weather, it removes most conflicts with participants’ personal Samhain celebrations, which would traditionally happen around October 31st, often very near the first weekend in November.

“We have been searching for a way to make the 25th year anniversary of Hekate’s Sickle Festival more dynamic than we ever have, and to allow for the rebirth that is intended during the Pagan New Year. We are having 5 paths – Slavic, Nordic, Celtic, Greek, and Faerie – wherein you will encounter deities of transformation and the Underworld. As time allows, every participant should be able to visit every path. The 4 day weekend and earlier date change (Oct 16-19) will also allow each of us to come together as a larger community, and still return to our loved ones to celebrate the sabbat at home,” said Dusty Dionne, High Priest of the ATC Mother Church.

The early-bird price of $150 per person ends August 12th. The admission fee includes lodging, food, a fantastic one-of-a-kind ritual experience, a seance, entry to the Witches Ball, an Awards Banquet as well as a dozen in depth and informative workshops. Festival goers will get the chance to speak to their departed loved ones, walk between the worlds, talk to the Gods, then celebrate the new year in style with a formal Masquerade.

To register go to http://AquaTabCh.Org or directly at https://integration.fellowshipone.com/integration/FormBuilder/FormBuilder.aspx?fCode=sTLU0L9U9eXzwndXJYHuKw==&cCode=Kw1L/ki8Bty1NXSsKLcMQA== (Requires login credentials or account creation)

About the ATC:
Nestled into the Cascade Mountains at the foot of a great stone wall, at the edge of the Wenatchee temperate rain forests on the north eastern outskirts of the enchanted Emerald City known as Seattle, WA, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church has nurtured the work of the Goddess since 1979. Founded by Rt. Rev. Pete “Pathfinder” Davis, the ATC has been a legal 501(c)3 non-profit Wiccan Church with a group exemption for 33 years. The world headquarters at the Mother Church is in Index, WA, with affiliated churches currently in multiple states and 7 countries, with plenty of room to grow.

Church Membership

givingChurch Membership

Since I joined this church over a decade ago, I have thought of myself as a member. When did I become a member? It was at my first Spring Mysteries seeing the Gods appear at Parade to the Sea. Tears started streaming down my face, and I knew that I had found my Wiccan family. It wasn’t about paying a membership or doing a certain service. It was about what happened in my heart when I saw the Great Work to which I could devote myself. It was my own decision that this was the family for whom I had been looking.

In the great struggle that all Wiccan institutions face of keeping the lights on and paying the bills, this church has been through many incarnations of membership and what it means. In this endeavor, I have learned something really important about membership to a church. It’s not about how much money you pay, or how often you attend, where you live, or even the people involved. It’s about how you feel about the work being done and your desire to be a part of that Great Work. It’s a commitment you make in your heart. It’s something that can’t be given or taken away.

Membership to a church is between you and your Gods.

So, we have reorganized the membership program, where we asked for you to offer $10 a month to the church. By making membership based on a flat $10 a month rate we have discouraged those that would give more from giving more, and caused those that found $10 a month to be a hardship to feel undervalued. It was another great attempt at solving a huge problem. It’s just not working.

Instead, what I am asking you now is to donate what you can to the Mother Church and her many affiliates and subsidiaries. There are so many hands doing the work of the Gods, and so few dollars to support this work. Most of our Priests and Priestesses have no other choice but to fund their ministry completely out of their own household budgets. The average Christian family donates $80 monthly to their church. With those kinds of donations we could create budgets that would allow us to host more open circles, and public temples, and in the future provide schools, women’s shelters and hospital ministries.

Let me introduce what I hope is a solution: a website that allows you to donate on a level that is comfortable for you. You can give easily online – a dollar now, and a dollar later, or a monthly donation that fits into your own personal budget. If all you can give is a few dollars here and there, then please consider that if everyone who reads this letter gives a few dollars here and there, we will have the funds to operate the church for another month. Give what you can, anything you can.

With a little financial planning you will be able to choose a monthly gift and work it into your budget. $5 or $10 dollars a month goes a long way when there are many people doing it. Larger donations go even further. Many of you support the church’s ministry, but don’t have time to serve. Instead, support those who do. Let those who do have time know how important their work is to you by giving financially, so that our generation of witches can do more for the Goddess and Her people.

Here’s the link: https://aquatabch.infellowship.com. If you’re not already signed up as a member, please do so. We need the information should you need the proof in the future (such as for taxes). This software makes it easy to received a tax letter, and allows you to choose to donate your money to several different ATC ministries. If your ATC Ministry isn’t listed and you would like it to be, please email me.

Guys, this transition has been difficult on all of us. The bank accounts are showing it. Please help us out. Thank you for your generosity, and thank you so much for being a member of this great family.

Artwork Submission

Acorns are the fruit of the Oak tree.
Mighty hardwood which is holy to many cultures.
As a seed it is unlimited in its potential, a symbol of wisdom and wealth.

Crown is for loyalty and service. Not only does royalty rule, they also serve the public and I found it a very apt association to ministry work.

The Laurel wreath (bay leaves) was often given to represent Wisdom and strength in ancient Greece and Rome.

The red rose is tied closely to the Goddess of Love

The antlers represent the God and his masculinity.

This piece really represents a lot of how I see my path as a student in the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Balance between the Goddess and God can be seen in the roses and antlers. Wisdom, potential and loyalty is represented by the other pieces. This is a piece to celebrate the new beginning I am finding myself participating in.

Take a moment and look for the symbols in your world, what design would you create and why?

ATC Family Tree – Alexandria Temple of Universal Metaphysics

Pangeryia magazine is doing a series of ongoing feature articles to spotlight all of the ATC affiliates and share with the world the work they are doing for the cities they live in and for Wicca and Paganism as a whole. The first in this series featured is the Alexandria Temple of Universal Metaphysics http://www.zyworld.com/atum/ located in Colorado. We hope this series of articles will inspire you to get involved in the work of Legal Wiccan organizations all over the country, and make us all aware of how large a movement we really are a part of.

Rev. Carridwen Brennan, President, and Rev. Martin Anthony, VP and CFO of the Alexandria Temple of Universal Metaphysics-ATC are our featured interviews and we are so pleased and honored that they have agreed to give us just a little bit of the “gift of their time.”

Hello, Rev. Carridwen Brennan and Rev. Martin Anthony, first I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to answer a few questions about the work of your Temple and your ministry so that others can know about the work that you do.

1. Where are you located in Colorado?
The Metro Denver area.

2. How long have you been a Legal Wiccan Temple?
We were incorporated on May 17, 2001

3. Why did you choose to become a Legal Wiccan Temple?
(Martin) We had been involved in prison ministry in a minor way since 1997, visiting one offender in the Federal prison in Littleton CO. and facilitating a program for the women’s prison in Denver for the Colorado Department of Corrections. But the demand for Wicca programs in prisons was expanding, and our commitment to the ministry increasing. Back in 2000, when we became volunteers for CDOC, there were 275 Wiccans incarcerated in CDOC, and there was only one other Wiccan volunteer. Because of specific CDOC regulations regarding “program providers”, it was easier to fulfill their requirements through incorporation as a church, so that we could increase the scope and number of programs we offered.
(Carri) This also led to our being able to become actual (volunteer) Chaplains. We are currently the only Wiccan/Pagan Prison Chaplains in this country.

4. What does it mean to you as a Pagan to be part of a legal Wiccan organization (the Aquarian Tabernacle Church), and how has it affected you and your congregation?
(Martin) We don’t really have a congregation. The focus of the Temple is in the prison ministry and the programs we provide. We do have volunteers associated with the Temple, but they are all fully trained, fully qualified Wiccan priestesses and priests. Being a legally recognized church gives us credibility and authority when dealing the various correctional departments and bureaucracies that we interact with. They are more likely to take us seriously, and respect our opinions because of it. Also, it has been helpful in our fundraising. The ministry is expensive, and support from the community is essential. Several community members make regular donations to us through payroll deductions through the Mile High United Way. Because we are a recognized non-profit, it makes it possible to do that. We also qualify to submit grant applications to the United Way and other organizations, which we have done. Even so, maintaining the level of service we offer is difficult at times, and cash flow is always a concern.
(Carri) In 2002 we were invited by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to provide an in-service training on Wicca/Paganism for all Federal Chaplains, largely due to our Church status.

5. Can you tell us a little about your path?
(Martin) Both Carridwen and I were trained as Gardnerians, third degree, but we practice an eclectic Wicca, writing our own stuff and using ideas that we like. We encourage groups in prison to be eclectic. Because of various restrictions, strict Gardnerian practice won’t happen in prisons, and a mix of Gardnerian-type practices is most convenient. Spiritual experimentation can be an important part of spiritual seeking, finding what builds connections.

6. Does your Temple have a particular path it practices or is it eclectic?
(Martin) Eclectic.

7. Where do you worship, and how often?
(Martin) lol; I worship every day.
(Carri) [me too!] We are regularly invited to be guest officiants at several of the Open Circles in the metro Denver area, for the full and dark moons. When our prison programs coincide with a Holy Day, we will worship with an inmate group. When we first became volunteers for CDOC we did that more often, as the groups were only permitted to meet and worship if a volunteer was present. Now, inmate groups in Colorado are allowed to gather and worship on all the Full Moons and the Sabbats, so there is less of a need for us to do that.

8. How many members do you have in your Temple?
(Martin) That depends on what you mean. We serve dozens of inmates personally in Colorado, and dozens, perhaps hundreds, more around the nation, through the mail, and through book donations to prison libraries and inmate groups. There are currently 510 North West European Pagans (Wiccans and Druids) incarcerated in the CDOC, and we have met Wiccans on staff at every facility that we have visited. Carri answers about 10 letters every week that we receive from interested inmates and staff all around the country. Carri & I and other volunteers offer regular Wiccan programs in 12 prisons in Colorado, both state and Federal, and I answer requests for Wiccan clergy regularly in 2 county jails. We are available to answer requests from any prison or jail in Colorado, and we, or our volunteers, have been to every prison, and to jails in 8 counties, in Colorado. But as far as having “members,” when people ask if they can join our coven, we tell them first, you have to commit a felony.

9. How many Clergy do you have working in and for your Temple?
(Martin) Including Carridwen and myself, we have three priestesses and two priests that facilitate Wiccan programs in prisons. We have two associates that correspond with inmates as spiritual mentors, helping to guide them on the path. We have 6 volunteers who facilitate a Healing From Rape program in the women’s prison. CDOC Mental Health professionals have told us that as many as 90% of incarcerated women have been molested or raped, yet they offer no specialized program to help them heal and recover from that violation and abuse. It has a horrible effect on their lives, and contributes to the addictions and other dysfunctional behaviors that got them incarcerated. Most women in prison have been victimized numerous times. Rehabilitation and successful re-entry depends on those needs and issues being addressed.

10. How did you choose “Prison Ministry” as your “mission” for your Temple?
(Martin) The Goddess tapped us on the shoulder and said, “I need a couple of volunteers.” Back in 1997, Carri was working at a local metaphysical store. The store-owner got a call from the chaplain at the Federal prison in Littleton, FCI Englewood. The chaplain was looking for Wiccan clergy to come talk to an offender who was filing his third stage grievance (preparing to sue) to get Wiccan clergy. The chaplain called several stores. Carri was the only one who returned his call. From there, it just kind of snowballed.
(Carri) We had met Pete at Spring Mysteries in the early ‘90’s. He told us about his prison ministry. Who knew that was going to lead to this?

11. Could you give us a little idea of what a “typical day” would mean for you as Clergy in the Prison Ministry?
(Martin) There really isn’t a typical day, because our chaplain duties are so varied. As Wicca program providers, we have a regular schedule, visiting prisons, meeting with groups (in 7 prisons) of Wiccan inmates, teaching, talking about the faith, answering questions, offering suggestions about their group and personal practice. As staff chaplains at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility and the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center, we are available for a much wider variety of duties. We answer requests for spiritual counsel for any inmate who requests. We actually get many requests from Christians and people with no preference wanting to speak to us. We do use some non-traditional methods for our counseling, like tarot, runes and astrology. We have done tarot readings for some staff members as well. We are on call to deliver Emergency Notifications to inmates, telling them about family deaths, serious illnesses, or other emergencies, and doing counseling with them around their grief about that. I’ve done dozens of E-Ns, averaging several each month, although I once did five death notifications in one day. On several occasions, maybe a dozen times, I’ve gone to the infirmary at DRDC to counsel inmates who were in a terminal condition with serious illnesses, and counseled or prayed about their end of life issues. We talk to inmates about the various programs we offer; Wicca; Meditation; and the Healing from Rape program. We schedule and facilitate those. I go to the segregation unit when requested and yell at people through their steel doors. I visit the “special needs” mental health unit. We have meetings every month with the other volunteer chaplains and our staff supervisors to touch base, share ideas, let everyone know what we’re doing and how things are going, and to stay apprised of changes in policy and scheduling. And every month we have to do reports and time sheets on everything we’ve done. I average about 50 hours each month in prisons, and another 20 or so traveling to prisons. Even though we are unpaid volunteers, the Department tracks our time for accounting purposes and to put a value on our work in reports to the state legislature. CDOC doesn’t pay any chaplains, but most of them get a salary from their church or denomination, and/or from fundamentalist organizations, like Prison Fellowship or Good News Jail and Prison Ministries.

12. Do you offer a training program to those that are interested in your “Temple path” or “Prison Ministry” there at your Temple?
(Carri) People who volunteer to help with our various programs must take CDOC training. Frequently Martin will attend with first timers, to help them be more comfortable.
(Martin) We suggest a couple of books to people who are interested in doing this. They are; Games Criminals Play by Bud Allan and Diane Bosta,; and A Society of Captives by Gresham Sykes. These will help people stay safe in a correctional environment, and give them a good understanding of the culture they are entering. It really is an alien environment, and going in with that understanding can help the adjustment. Also, when I say “stay safe”, I mean, not be manipulated by an inmate con game. I’ve been going into prisons for 17 years, and I have never, ever, felt physically threatened or intimidated. Inmates value the volunteers, and the programs we provide. There have been inmates who disagreed with what we were saying, and who walked out of the program, but they were always polite. They thanked us for being there on the way out the door. An inmate who threatened or hassled a volunteer, and got a program cancelled, would face a harsh and swift inmate justice.

13. Do you mind sharing what we the Pagans, and Wiccans, and other ATC affiliates could do to assist you in your ministry?
(Carri) In our ministry specifically, we need donated books for sending into prison libraries. Also, cash is always good. And more volunteers.
(Martin) No matter where you are, you are close to a prison or jail. They all have Wiccans in them, and the Wiccans need outside support, someone knowledgeable about the faith, to teach/guide them, and to help explain it to the administration. If there are people in your area already doing this work, they need money and help also.

14. Is there anything you would like to say or share to the rest of the ATC Pagans and Wiccans reading this article as a leader, elder, and Clergy in our community?
(Carri) Ex-felons are living in your community now. They are released every day. If they don’t come out better than when they went in, they come out worse. Please consider volunteering with them (in some fashion) in your locale.
(Martin) One of the things we have noticed; an important part of what we do is just being public Wiccans; people engaged and committed in helping others, and working to make society better. It helps to demystify the faith to those not familiar with it, and over time goes a long way in reducing antagonism and hostility. Our being open has given other Pagans the confidence to also be open about their faith. Society takes us seriously, and treats us as part of the team, when we take ourselves seriously, and work like a team member.