In addition to the original Aquarian Tabernacle Church congregation, which meets and worships at the church in Index, Washington, there is a lot going on at many other locations under the auspices of the ATC or one of its many other affiliated congregations throughout other parts of Washington state, our nation, and the world. The ATC has gone from a small handful of people in 1979 to the worldwide Wiccan religious tradition it is today, because we are responsive to the spiritual and worldly needs of our sisters and brothers on the path to ancient spirituality we call Paganism. Elsewhere you will find a listing of groups (and in some cases, phone numbers) of our affiliated ATC congregations in Washington and other areas. If there isn’t one in your area, give us a call – there may be a new one in your neighborhood, since this list grows almost daily as new groups form and established groups affiliate. Many of our groups are associated in some way with a metaphysical shop that may offer meeting space, or be operated by one of the members to serve their local community.

Circle of the Sacred Muse – serving northern Vancouver Island (Comox Valley, Campbell River and surrounding area)


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    • Hi Laura,

      Currently we have some individuals in Victoria, and no organized groups. If you would like to meet with other individuals, I will do my best to connect you. Please send an email to info at atcanada dot org.


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