What is postulancy?

Very simply, a postulant is a candidate for clergy in the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada .

Think of it as a trial period. You get to learn more about the ATC Canada and our tradition and the Church gets to learn more about you and whether you are prepared to be a representative and leader of the Church.

To postulate also means to ask questions, and that is encouraged of our postulants!

What is involved in postulancy with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada?

The first step is to copy out the Seeker Ordains in your own hand. Yes, that means old-fashioned pen and paper! In copying out the Ordains, you will get a good understanding of the structure of the Church, and what is expected of you as a postulant.

Next comes an initiation ritual. You will be entering into a contract within sacred circle with a mentor. Your mentor will direct your learning during the term of your postulancy.  It is important that you and your mentor maintain communication about your learning during your entire postulancy.

After your initiation, you will be given a list of requirements and a reading list for working towards your First Degree.

How long is the postulancy?

We recommend at least one turning of the Wheel (one year), but it may take more or less time, depending on your current level of knowledge and experience.

What if I decide that this is not for me?

Excellent! You have gathered valuable information, and we bless you on whatever path you choose. We do ask that you keep the knowledge of our tradition that you have learned to yourself, and not share it without permission.

How does the postulancy end?

There are three ways your postulancy can end:
· Elevation – you are initiated into the First Degree of our tradition.
· Ending the contract in sacred circle – You can choose to end the contract with your mentor in sacred circle, just as you entered into it.
· Dissolution – Your mentor or Priestess can also dissolve your postulancy if it is shown that you have taken actions in contravention to the Ordains.

Can I share what I am learning with others?

As stated in the Seeker Student Ordains, “no student may formally take on a student, or attempt to teach the Craft to another. No student may claim the title of teacher or any initiatory rank within this tradition to which he or she has not been formally admitted.”

For those interested on postulancy and the ATC degrees here is a with more information and lists of requirements:



The Aquarian Tabernacle Church (Canada)

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