Statement of Belief

We see God in everything: as a single, supreme, infinite, and holy energy often referred to in other cultures as “The All”, the “Great Mother”, the Tao. We believe this holy energy is the source of all things, eternally expressing Itself in infinite ways while maintaining universal balance between Its projective and receptive aspects. The easiest way to for us as humans to conceptualize this supreme force is as holy parents, hence our frequent reference to Deity as both “God and Goddess”. We believe each person to be an aspect or expression of Deity, whole and holy, with strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and failures. We strive to see and appreciate the reflection of deity within each being.

We understand that we learn from adversity and that all lessons are holy. We strive to be grateful for our lessons, understanding that Goddess must know the mystery of all things and so, also strive to forgive the bearer for being a part of the interaction. We believe that the balance will exert itself, and that events are neither good nor bad, but just are. We choose to label the events in our lives, and we can choose to change those labels.

We believe that energy exists and manifests throughout our world within the divine and the elements of nature. We work to understand and master our expression of this energy, and we endeavor to maintain a state of love and service for ourselves and the world around us. We maintain that God/dess has already provided everything we need; it therefore falls upon us to properly exercise our free will and appropriately distribute our resources so that everyone’s need are met.

We believe in reincarnation. We see space and time as a circle. Just as we go to sleep each night and wake up each morning, we pass into the Summerlands, to be reborn anew.

We believe the Universe is a safe place to learn and grow, and that the worst thing that can happen to you still results in your return to the God/dess.

“For I have been with thee from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.”