Our Vision

In the belief that the Quality of Life and our Vision is crucial to both our temporal and spiritual success in this incarnation, the people of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church seek to create an environment and community which:

Respects The Individual

· by respecting the right of each to formulate their own belief system and structure, free from imposed dogma or doctrine handed down from others;

· by empowering every individual member through the encouragement of individual inquiry and investigation of matters of personal belief and the reaffirmation of the validity of responsible individual choice; by encouraging the development of each individual according to their potential through religious study, training, mutual growth and respect;

· by creating an environment where the quality of each individual’s relationships with every other member are open and accepting of each other as we are now;

· by nurturing and supporting a culture in which all can grow and mature in perfect love and perfect trust while learning to live in harmony with each other;

Understands The Only Limits Are Those Which Are Self-imposed

· by encouraging those who choose not to be limited to reach out and grow;

· by encouraging each and every member through active support, both within and without the Church, to take the initiative to improve the quality of their lives and their daily working relationships through active growth, in order to:

Foster Unity, Teamwork, And Tolerance For Others

· by recognizing that everyone, the exalted and the insignificant, has something for us to hear and comprehend;

· by instilling and valuing the active listening and understanding of other points of view;

· by recognizing that each member’s role in improving relationships within our families, our church, our jobs and our lives is truly important, in order that we may:

Create True And Meaningful Lives

· by filling our every minute with a sense of responsible joy, love, pleasure and humor, harming no one in the process;

· by challenging each of us to reward ourselves in this life by being more through conscious effort;

· by honoring the natural order of the universe and our Goddess and Gods through the regular acknowledgement and celebration of the solar, lunar and other cycles of our life,

Thereby Encouraging

· a faith in the ability to accept and solve one’s own problems on all levels, public and private;

· a lifelong commitment to personal and universal growth and balance;

· an understanding that human interdependence implies community cooperation, requiring us to practice every day what we preach. We must use our talents and skills to actively help each other as well as the community at large;

· a concern with making one’s lifestyle consistent with one’s proclaimed beliefs.

This is the vision we ask all members of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church family to share with us as we journey through this lifetime together.

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada


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