ATC Inclusivity Statement

At the Aquarian Tabernacle Church we strive to uphold a culture of inclusivity and acceptance for all Genders and Sexualities.  We recognize that each person’s gender identity and sexuality are unique, sacred, and valid – and we believe there is a place for everyone in our circle.

As Wiccans we believe:

  • Love is Love.
  • Trans Women are Women.
  • Trans Men are Men.
  • Nonbinary, Agender, and Genderqueer are valid and real genders.
  • Gender cannot be defined solely by a binary of “men” and “women,” but exists on an infinite spectrum to include those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, and agender.
  • There are infinite genders and sexual identities – and each are deserving of respect and love, and all have a place in our circle to experience magic with us.
  • Goddess Worship does not equal Womb Worship – anyone can invoke and hold Goddess energy regardless of their body type, fertility, age, gender, or sexuality. 
  • God Worship does not equal Phallic Worship – anyone can invoke and hold God energy regardless of their body type, virility, age, gender, or sexuality.   
  • “Fertility”, “Motherhood” and “Fatherhood” in magical and ritual context are about creative potential, prosperity and manifestation.  They are a divine states that can be experienced by anyone.
  • Our priesthood is given the choice to hold the role of Priest, Priestess, or Priestx.  These roles are less about our sex or Gender and more about the way we will hold and direct energy within the circle.
  • The importance of INFORMED and ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT in all things – especially sexuality.  Wicca is a sex-positive fertility religion but this will never mean that you have to engage in any activity that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
  • The 2SLGBTQ+ community has something valid and important to say inherent to its existence and we welcome the ways in which queer members of our community challenge our society and our faith to grow. We have been changed by the insights of 2SLGBTQ+ people and we believe that change is a force for good.
  • By the principle of “As Above, So Below,” the 2SLGBTQ+ community has something vital to reveal and reflect about the Divine and our spiritual practices.

We recognize that many published texts about Wicca use very gendered and binary language that may seem to limit or restrict the experience of magic to those who are hetero-normative.  As a group and as individuals, we work to deconstruct these binary and hetero-normative concepts within our faith. We acknowledge the shortcomings of the past, but believe that our path is a living, growing, and changing thing that does not have to be limited by ideals of the past.  We strive to let each individual express and experience their own truth – and we acknowledge that the experience of Receptive and Projective energies are equally accessible to every person and there are realms in between the Receptive and Projective as well as places where they overlap.   

We witness the hate and fear in this world currently directed towards the 2SLGBTQ+ Community, and this concerns us greatly.  We strive to offer a safe and inclusive environment for all people to enjoy Pagan rituals and worship.  As such – we will not tolerate any actions or language that express bigotry, discrimination, or hatefulness within our spaces – online or in person, at our public or private events.

The ATC strives to affirm, uplift and welcome the 2SLGBTQ+ community in all aspects of our faith. We have 2SLGBTQ+ clergy, lay leaders, and members of our community who are welcome to lead in worship, practice the Craft with us.  We are here to provide you with a space to worship, grow and live in community fully. You are divine. You are whole. You are power. You are change.

We love you!