Mysteries Within the Mysteries by Mary Malinski, Priestess of Demeter


Mysteries Within the Mysteries by Mary Malinski, Priestess of Demeter

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Author: Temple of Demeter
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This is my third year having the honor of being a Priestess of the Mysteries. Each year has brought its own challenges and blessings. Each year has helped me to grow as a priestess and as a person.

I have resonated with Demeter my whole life. She’s the Great Mother, and that archetype has been prominent for me for as long as I can remember. In the past I have always met her in her bright aspect – abundant and nurturing.

Doing this work involves meeting her dark aspects – depression, anger, rage and grief. I alternately want to be with people, to snuggle my children and be loved, or stay in bed, cry, and throw myself a pity party.

For the most part, I am able to segment my life. At work, I can be focused on the task before me, and Demeter is quiet, content to be alone with her mourning. She speaks up at odd times, often to make a point or to underscore her experience.

As I make my journey to rehearsals, though, She makes Her presence known. Her energy is strong, powerful, and it is more challenging to separate what is mine and what is Hers. She wants to be heard, and She knows the time is near. Her daughter is returning, and then She can truly come alive once again.

Working with Demeter has pushed me to a deeper understanding of Her Mysteries. I’ve attended the Mysteries for many years, and I know the myth. I’ve had some insights over the years. I thought I understood. She laughs at me now. “You will understand.”

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