Earth Moves into Galactic Spring

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Author: Dusty Dionne
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We lived through a year that was to be the end of the world….

We have since lived in three years of time that many thought would not exist. We live in a time that was foretold in antiquity, though we did not all agree on what this change was, or was supposed to look like. Many would be scholars shouting anonymously from the pages of the internet, and established minds with doctorates and degrees have theories on what  the end of the Mayan Calendar would mean.

All they really had to do was ask the Mayans.

Mayan descendants; those charged with keeping the knowledge of their past and charged with guiding their people into the future, knew. They even told us. We kept holding on to an “end of times” prophecy, but the truth was much more magical:

“It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the Earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy.”




But what does it mean?!

Now that we are here, at this point in the story, we can start to really tell it. Let’s start with this part: “[…] signified by the solar meridian(Our Sun) crossing the galactic equator” That’s exciting! even though I knew that the whole Universe rotated around a perceived super massive black hole, I never really groked the magnitude of it until 2012, and the revelations of the Mayan Elders. Our Sun was, is and has always been moving around the center of the universe in the same manner that Earth rotated around it. This might not seem like a big deal, but let’s talk about the possible ripples of this statement. “Hear what isn’t said”, and all that.Galactic Spring Blurb 2

So what I heard that wasn’t said was this: We are moving into Galactic Spring. Many people understand that we, as a planet, move through ‘Ages.’ The most modernly notable reference is probably “The Dawning of Aquarius” song from the 70′s. We are just now moving into said age.  They also move backwards from our planetary movements. So the movement is opposite from Pisces moving to Aries to herald spring, and is instead Pisces moving into Aquarius to herald spring.  Each age lasts around 2000 years. We are moving out of Pisces, and before that we were in the Age of Aries. So: The entire 2000 years that people have been worshiping Jesus, the planet has been in the age of Pisces, hence all of the Jesus Fish! Before that we were in the age of Aries, which is why Moses is our hero, and the sacrificial lamb was important. Before that it was Taurus, and their veneration of the Golden Calf. I see a pattern.  Those 3 ages equal around 6000 years. That means that  the written history of man, which is supposedly sometime around 3000 BCE, only takes up 3 ages and those 3 ages have been comprised entirely out of Galactic Winter. Our current age of Aquarius is symbolized by two lines zigzagging in harmony. Many of us in my community believe this means Science and Metaphysics moving parallel, and working to prove each other.

This is where I started to think about spring. The nature of spring is a wonderful time of rebirth, growth, babies, and the reemergence of the sleeping creatures of the Earth. In some places the world goes so deep into sleep that nothing moves, grows, or does anything close to flourishing. Someone who was not experienced with the full gamut of seasons on Earth might be confused by their emergence.

Let’s imagine that you crash land on an alien planet. When you exit your craft, there is nothing but cold and barren wastes of snow. There isn’t anything alive anywhere. You have shown up on a planet in the heart of it’s winter, but you have no idea that it is indeed, winter. You live on said planet for a long time. You mine, you harvest soil, and you plod along finding the minimal resources that this planet seems to have to help you survive. One day you wake up, and it is different outside. Maybe its warmer, maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s any number of things to show you that something is different with the environment than the rest of the time that you have been planet side. After a day or two, you find something you have never seen before. a beautiful delicate plant that is growing with a beautiful shock of blue, purple, and orange. You almost lose yourself in the beauty and sheer mind boggling wonder of this new thing that has just appeared out of nowhere. First the environment started changing, now this flower is growing, and…wait! Was that movement?!?! Did something just move? You wait and look for whatever may have moved. Nothing has moved the entire time you’ve been here. Just as you have this thought, a flock of flying somethings fly over your head. As you look up, the thing you have been waiting to see move, scampers off away from you before you can scan for it. You had no way to conceptualize that this planet might have a hibernation season, or ANY seasons at all for that matter. You are now left with this revelation, in this place that you thought you knew so well, as it wakes up into spring.

What would that be like? An alien coming here during winter and thinking it’s a barren cold wasteland, and then one day everything melts and it becomes green, and they see a bear. I think that would be disconcerting at worst, and mind-blowingly rapturous at best. You would suddenly know that everything you could see was only a fraction of that which was. Galactic Spring Blurb 3It would be an instant acknowledgment of something bigger than the world you knew to exist.

We may get a chance to find out.


In Wicca we have a saying “As Above, So Below”. We know that everything that exists on a microcosmic level, also exists on a macrocosmic level as well. So anything and everything we can observe on a cellular level can be found on a terrestrial level and onwards to being found on a cosmic level in some way.

Now that you have read all of that, here is the question I pose: What is going to happen to our Galaxy now that we are entering spring? This author’s opinion is we have already started to see it. We as humans have a deep-seeded memory of a fantastic existence. Each of us have similar feelings: we should be able to fly, jump really high, be really strong, run fast, commune with animals, breathe underwater, and any number of fantastic things that we just know we should be able to do. Maybe you even fought with your parents because they told you you couldn’t fly, and to get off the roof? Maybe you jumped into a pool at a young age because you KNEW you could breathe in there, and were certain your feelings were right, and everyone telling you otherwise was wrong? It’s my opinion that we most likely have, had and will again have these abilities. Magical people have been awakening in droves, and within them magics of a very real and tangible nature have been growing like the tendrils of young plants.

The first things that come back in the spring are the early flowers and spring grasses, here on Earth. Each of these plants knows that it is time to awaken, and they get there first, paving the way for others. They don’t know why. They just feel the pull, and they push up through the harshest of the climates because they have to. This is us. This is the magical community that has been existing for the past 500 years. (growing in earnest for the last 50) We are the young shoots that are feeling the pull of the galactic spring that is upon us. The magical community gets stronger every day. We notice our magic being stronger, our numbers getting bigger. Children from all walks of life are finding the energies of the universe that we call “Gods” and are refusing to lose the spark they are given at birth, just because the hold overs from the Piscean Age say they don’t have it. That magic isn’t real.

With that being said, wouldn’t it be fantastic to find out that Earth is in the middle of a galactic dragon migration route? Or that we will discover that life does grow, like a vine, or moss, or carpet of grass, in the infinity of open space? Will we find out that our hearts long for a time of fantastic adventures, hidden cities, and great magics because in a time before the written word, we had exactly that? Will we find that our belief in great Gods and powerful forces comes from the times immortal when they are awake, and are interacting with the little blue planet that exists in their great awakened garden of the Gods? That man kind thinks it is alone in the cosmos, simply because we have been asleep so long, that we have forgotten our place in the universe?

I hope so.








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