A journey 9 years in the making by Elizabeth Davis, Priestess of Athena


A journey 9 years in the making by Elizabeth Davis, Priestess of Athena

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This journey began at my first SMF 9 years ago – at least I think it was nine!
I dedicated to Athena as I was beginning a journey back into the world of knowledge, because that was the aspect I knew her as the best.
Over the next many SMFs I rededicated to her most years. The times I thought I needed to dedicate to other Gods or Goddesses I was declined, most often being told their path was not the one for me. Two years ago I felt an overwhelming calling. Not one to move hastily, I meditated on the calling for the weekend, right up to the time of shrine visits.
I dedicated that evening to Athena for life, pledging to keep and follow her ways always.
I felt connected and wished I could one day find the courage to stand as the priestess of Athena in her shrine.
When the chance to be a part of SMF this year was offered to me, I jumped on it with a ‘hellz yeah!’, not knowing what I was in for.
When I learned it could be for my patron goddess I was elated, once I definitely knew I would be the priestess of Athena my heart swelled with honour.
I was certain I knew so much about her, but as I researched deeper into who and what she was I realized I had only seen the tip of the iceberg.
I knew one thing – I needed to figure out what what aspect of Athena I wanted to present. She had SO many that making a choice was causing anxiety. So I did what any good pagan would do: I meditated.
I did a series of water meditations and connected with Her.
The same word kept flashing like a neon sign, the same connection to each aspect: Civilization. She IS the Goddess of Civilization and I knew that was the aspect I was going to present. It embodies everything that she is and will connect with any and all petitioners to her shrine,
I am enjoying the journey, the knowledge, and the subtle changes her energy is infusing into my own life. I am excited, though still quite scared to be doing something so completely out of my comfort zone.
She has told me, though, this is the first step towards true courage. Hear me roar!

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