The Aquarian Tabernacle Churches Statement on the Tragedy of Jacob Crockett

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church would like to reach out to the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma in this time of darkness. 21 year old Isaiah Marin nearly decapitated 19 year old Jacob Crockett the son of an Oklahoma state trooper. Marin has been called a “religious zealot” and a “fanatical Christian” and Crockett was killed for his own religion; Wicca. We would like to remind Police Captian Randy Dickerson that Wicca is the fifth largest religion in the nation and this seems to be a crime of hate and prejudice, and that ruling out religion as a motive would be remiss. As a large, world-wide, Wiccan, Organization we would like to offer our condolences to the Crockett family and lend our support during these difficult times. Our church headquarters can be reached at 360-793-1945 and we invite those affected by this tragedy to reach out to us.

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