Happy Samhain – A Poem by Dusty Dionne

Happy Samhain by Dusty Dionne

Happy Samhain
Trick or Treat
Candied apples,
Spooks and sweets

Thinning veil
That holds the dread
of long lost loved ones
Long since dead

Skeletons walk
on Halloween night
Gargoyles circle
in stone aided flight

Witches in belfries
in conical hats
and blood sucking fiends
that turn into bats

Houses on Chicken Legs
Hop through the park
Werewolves’ own howling
ring through the dark

Muggles are running
back to their beds
from vision of ghouls
with long severed heads

The Children of Samhain
With cloaks pulled round tight
Walk with the deceased
On All Hallows Night

With hisses and boos
From graveyards of mist
and sullen long longing
From dead widows lips

Today is the night
And the night is today
When spirits and loved ones
return here to play

So under the covers
or out on the town
The spirits will find you
You’re not hiding, You’re found

So make up a dinner
Set it out for the dead
They’re ever so hungry
and long to be fed

And tomorrow upon waking
If you make it to morn
And your sanity’s in tact
Your clothes are untorn

And the sun looks upon you
smiles its smile
then forget not to sit
and pray for a while

Thank the creator
Say your’ Amens’
And know that last night
Will not happen again

At least not till next time
In exactly one year
When the veil’s at it’s thinnest
and the dead smell your fear

So enjoy this fair evening
And dance with great life
Which will honor the deadites
Who rile in strife

And come back and tell me
Your great tales of fear
And celebrate Samhain
The Celtic New Year.

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