Albinism and our Natural World

Albinism and our Natural World

Photo: 2004 M.Bentley via www.

Photo: 2004 M.Bentley via www.

Albinism is an inherited condition of a mutation where the body does not produce the right kind of proteins that give us melanin, which produces pigment.

In my observations over the last twenty years it appears that albinism has been on the rise in sightings of white animals. To the left we see a stunning example of an albino peacock. Many examples of white or albino animals can now be found online from bird, to mammal, to reptile to the aquatic. I had wondered if this increase was simply due to the rise of photography equipment in the hands of more and more people, or if there was a marked increase in occurrence.

While historical statistics are hard to find it is estimated 200,000 human cases of Albinism in the US(1) and 600,000 in Nigeria (2) to name a few. In addition to the human variety of albinism it seems that more and more animal cases are seen and captured on film.

Most cultures in the world have holy meanings applied to white animals. Such as the White Elephant seen by Buddha’s Mother just before his birth, or the White Buffalo Calf Woman legend of the Lakota Tribe in America. These are just two examples among many that are too varied to list all in this venue. Due to the increase of sightings based off of my personal experience it would seem that we on Earth as a People may be heading towards a new spiritual awakening.

With the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and the awakening this Age implies; I may not be far off. Spiritualism is on the rise, particularly those of Earth based faith systems. We have seen a rise in Wicca from 8,000 in 1990, to 134,000 in 2001, and a whopping 342,000 in 2008 (5) in the US alone.  In contrast (but not CONFLICT) there is an apparent drop in Christianity, though one writer argues that it is not a drop in the faith but a better understanding and definition of what being Christian means (6).

The new Catholic Pope Francis (the First of his name in the papacy.. coincidence?) has done much to inspire Catholics and non Catholics alike with his open and tolerant approach to all people. Pope Francis was the first to include women in a Sacred Thursday ceremony back in March 28, 2013. Women had before, never been included in this ritual. In addition, Muslim inmates were also included in this ceremony. The attitude shift among major leaders in the world is another symptom of our global awakening.

We are seeing more changes in the earth; natural disasters, changes in our animals, changes in our own DNA which leads to more mutations such as albinism. It is believed by some to be symptomatic of our solar systems travel through a photon belt which is introducing the earth to new forms of radiation, and other shifts which causes species of all kinds to adapt and evolve (3). Other authors indicate that the increase of albinism has to do with the shifting of the earth’s poles (4). This phenomenon has been gradually occurring for many years though it seems physically and parapsychologically more distinct now. With this shift how will Wiccans, Pagans and Shamans be affected? Currently most traditions hail Earth to the North or Wind. As our poles shift, how will our elemental alignment shift?

In the world of color magic; white, for most cultures is a symbol of innocence and new beginnings. It is a blank canvas upon which we make our mark on the world. As we move into the age of Aquarius with it’s youthful vitality and inquisitive nature, we are born into a new consciousness. Is it any wonder we see that change manifest around us with various signs and symbols from the Universe and Deity? We have seen the rise of civil rights movements. We have seen the rise of environmental preservation on a global scale. We have seen the rise of the popularity of living better within our means, downsizing from stuff to EXPERIENCES.  Another of the signs indicating this shift in on a molecular level is albinism.  As our environment changes, so do we; As above, so below.

The Spiritual Renaissance has arrived, how will you embrace it?










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