Artwork Submission

Acorns are the fruit of the Oak tree.
Mighty hardwood which is holy to many cultures.
As a seed it is unlimited in its potential, a symbol of wisdom and wealth.

Crown is for loyalty and service. Not only does royalty rule, they also serve the public and I found it a very apt association to ministry work.

The Laurel wreath (bay leaves) was often given to represent Wisdom and strength in ancient Greece and Rome.

The red rose is tied closely to the Goddess of Love

The antlers represent the God and his masculinity.

This piece really represents a lot of how I see my path as a student in the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Balance between the Goddess and God can be seen in the roses and antlers. Wisdom, potential and loyalty is represented by the other pieces. This is a piece to celebrate the new beginning I am finding myself participating in.

Take a moment and look for the symbols in your world, what design would you create and why?


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