Oneness and Agape Love

What is Oneness?

Oneness is the interconnectedness of all living things. According to, oneness can be worked out in their mission: Oneness of All Humanity through Music, Arts and Education. Webster-Merriam Dictionary defines oneness as: the doctrine of divine simplicity, meaning God is without parts. In Kabbalah, oneness is absolute unity between creator and created.

In the metaphysical community oneness is the concept of Universal Consciousness, and in the neo-pagan community it is the combination of all that is as manifest in the spiritual, and physical world.

These concepts can be simplified to one simple statement, Everything is connected, and affects and is affected by everything else.

What is Agape Love?

Again according to Webster-Merriam Dictionary, it is represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. A title of the goddess Isis was agapeh theon, or “beloved/darling of the gods”. This concept implies a genuine affection and deep love. It has been extended to mean the love of humanity for god and the love of god for humanity.

In the New Testament it states that God is Love. For most neo-pagans, LOVE is caring and love of all of creation. This is one of the primary tenants of most neo-pagan, Wicca, and Heathen paths.

To demonstrate Agape Love, one then must respect and honor oneself, other humans, and all creation. Therefore, when one practices Green Economics, one is showing Agape love for the natural world. It can be demonstrated by caring for the sick, giving a meal or a coat to a homeless person, feeding neighborhood animals, cleaning up a park or any other active action that one does for the benefit of another.

Oneness as a result of Agape Love

Compassion or charity for another being whether human or otherwise allows one to “feel” good about themselves. It brings about a balanced state of being that can be extended to every aspect of one’s life. All the meditation and self-realization techniques in the world will not produce their desired results without walking the walk.

Try it, go to your neighborhood park and spend a few hours picking up trash and disposing of it correctly. See how your balance returns. Go to your neighborhood food pantry and work for a few hours, or to the local soup kitchen and see the happy faces all around you while you work.

These things are not just the purvey of the religious. It belongs to all of us.

Once last spring, I noticed a pair of grackles and a young robin pecking in a neighbor’s yard for food. The young robin “assumed the position” of a baby bird, wings outstretched, neck outstretched, mouth wide open. To my pleasant surprise, the nearest grackle picked up a piece of food and put it in the mouth of the robin!

I remember thinking that the grackle didn’t care that it wasn’t his child, only that it was hungry, even though it was a different “race”. We humans can learn something from brother bird. For me this shows that oneness and agape love are in everything in creation.

How to find the Oneness in all things

Meditation or prayer is one key. The kind of prayer that doesn’t ask for anything, just sitting in the presence of whatever is divine for you. When one meditates this is also a type of prayer. Sit under a tree, a river, a stream, walk a trail, commune with Nature. Open yourself to feel the world around you. Get out of the house and away from your cell phone, Nintendo, computer, open yourself to be ONE with all creation.

Volunteer at a local food pantry, or soup kitchen, connect with people that you do not usually associate with as friends. Smile at someone on the street, you may be surprised, they may just smile back.

Be a SPIRITUAL being and part of the solution. Create Oneness for yourself and you will find that more of creation is with you than against you.


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