The Beauty of Florida Pagan Gathering

This past weekend Dusty and I attended Florida Pagan Gathering’s Beltaine celebration. It was a wonderful festival, with fantastic headliners, great vendors, fabulous rituals and workshops, as well as some of the most awesome pagans that I’ve ever met. I have been a part of the FPG community for decade. I have formed deep friendships and watched people grow up. I look forward to each time that I get to spend down there and can’t wait to go back.

I feel spiritually blessed that each year we can count on Temple of the Earth Gatherings to reliably and dependably put on this festival in the face of whatever challenges present themselves. I have complete confidence that Ann Marie, Lady Rae, Paul, Teresa and Medea, and all involved are doing everything humanly possible to provide an open, loving, accepting and safe event for us all to enjoy.

This year at FPG, events in the outside world were bringing up challenges where people were feeling that the beautiful event that we have come to enjoy might be threatened. What I witnessed was an out pouring of caring, people going out of the way to help others, and extra love and patience being added to everything. I witnessed the caring for people’s feelings and the nurturing that I’m used to seeing at FPG.

I was particularly pleased with the new site. I loved the drum circle. Dusty and I danced til 3 am Saturday night. The food was delicious. The shopping was wonderful. Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone were there, and I enjoyed their workshops. The rituals were fantastic. But mostly, I go to FPG for the fantastic people there who have become my family.

Thank you Roger for your vision and leadership in building this amazing community. Thank you, Temple of the Earth Gatherings for keeping it going. You guys are doing an amazing job, and the ATC appreciates all that you do in Her service.

See you next year, and for many years to come.

First image retrieved from NASA’s Flickr.

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