SMF Auction Item: Chess Set of the Gods & Satyr N’ Nymph Tic-Tac-Toe

Satyr and Nymph Tic-Tac-Toe

Once again we bring you another beautiful, donated, piece to the Spring Mysteries Festival Auction. This time from David Malinski, High Priest of Circle of the Sacred Muse – ATC Canada. Last year David donated two hand cast, hand painted sets of Olympian figurines. Having attended the Mysteries for the past seven years, David decided to put his talents to work creating something that could appeal to anyone.

Chess Set of the Gods 6The figurines mesmerized the crowd and after the bidding wars were over had brought in a significant tithe to both the ATC and her sister-church in Canada. The lack of promotion for this particular lot brought more than one suggestion for a more in-depth approach at marketing our auction items in advance. We are lucky to say that this year he has upped the ante with two gorgeous sets: both hand cast and painted. A chess set and a unique spin on the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game. So without further ado: let us unveil what Mr. Malinski has brought to the table!

The first set we will look at is the Satyr and Nymph Tic-Tac-Toe – just add sticks! Ten hand painted figurines, five Satyrs and five Nymphs, grace this imaginative recapturing of the classic game. Each of the figurines has exquisite detail. Whether you are in favor of the Satyrs getting the Nymphs for a romp, or the Nymph giving the Satyrs a well deserved bath, this set will keep people talking about about their unique style game in and game out. Made of pewter, part of the lead used in the process comes from recycling bullets.

“I take something that kills, and I turn it into something beautiful!” David tells us.

The next item on the list is the Chess Set of the Gods! This chess set is a detailed battle of the Gods/esses of Olympus vs the Gods/esses of Erebos! These figurines are also hand cast and had painted, giving them a personalized feel that you just cant get from mass produced figurine sets. The pawns are slightly smaller than the rest of the pieces, with the rooks being made of stone.

Chess Set of the Gods 2

The two sides are as follows:

  • King – Zeus
  • Queen – Hera
  • Bishops – Athena, Hephaestus
  • Knights – Apollo, Artemis
  • Rooks – White rocks to represent the mountain fortress of Olympus
  • Pawns – Greek soldiers (possibly the heroes of antiquity that the Gods spoke to, such as Odysseus)

Chess Set of the Gods 3


  • King – Hades
  • Queen – Persephone
  • Bishops – Aphrodite, Poseidon
  • Knights – Ares, Dionysus
  • Rooks – Black rocks to represent the underworld
  • Pawns – Greek soldiers (possibly the heroes of antiquity that the Gods spoke to, such as Odysseus)

Though you will have to provide your own board, the Gods and Goddesses of these armies will perfectly adorn any set from the most basic out of the box board, to marble and onyx, or etched glass boards. The only thing that could make this set better is if there were two of them.

Wait…There are two of them? He made two of these. How does the man find time to sleep?

Well. It seems that we DO have two of them. Proceeds from these three items will be split between the ATC and ATC Canada.

You can admire more of David’s handiwork here while he takes a much deserved break!

And we continue to move forward through the spring as we close in on one of the greatest Pagan Pilgrimages of our modern age. We are ever closer to our 30 year anniversary, and in that time we have striven to bring you closer to the Gods as only a labor of love could provide. From hours of rehearsal and preparation, to dedicated vendors who hand pick every item they bring, to the many auction items donated from the community, and to the items in the auction from the Godforms themselves. We cant wait to facilitate this spiritual experience for you for the 29th consecutive year. Blessing to you, and safe travels, SMF Pilgrim!


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