SMF Auction Extravaganza!!

Hello SMF Pilgrims! This is the final installment of our Spring Mysteries Auction Series. We have seen some beautiful things being put into the auction this year. There are more personal Godform items than we have ever had in the past.

We have seen Persephone’s Wedding Dress, The Chess Set of the Gods/Satyr & Nymph Tic Tac Toe, Pan’s Length and Breadth, the Muses’ Flower Club sign, Hephaestus’ Motivational Board, and the beautiful Drum of Gilyeat.

Zeus' Chiton and Eagle PendantWe have many more items coming forth. Zeus himself is donating his Royal Purple Chiton and Diving Eagle Pendant. Beautiful and rich, this chiton is a deep purple with golden Greek key trim.

Herakles' ClubHerakles also stepped forth and entered his Club into the auction. He made the club with an overly large piece of box hedge, which found itself wound with honeysuckle as it grew. This stunning piece was hand worked by Herakles himself; it is a labor of love for the participants of the Mysteries.

The Muses grace us once again this year with The Greek Choral Songbook: Spring Mysteries 2014 (A Merry Muse Production) made by Erato! Our sexy Muse of Erotic Poetry has created this great piece to commemorate all the hard work done by the Muses, and to allow a lucky pilgrim to have a transcript of all the great music used within the rites.

What you don’t know is that there is a magical night in which the Muses get together and practice all the night through to get everything perfect for the event. No mortal can know the exact time and date of this event because the sheer inspiration within the room would strike them dead! Overseeing the Muses was The Holy Mother Demeter. Not even the Gods can escape the lure of inspiration once the sacred sisters begin to stir their energies. Awash in their harmony, the Holy Mother created a painting of her own. In the spirit of her Most Holy Daughter, Demeter created a painting of a Field of Poppies on 9 x 12  canvas panel in acrylic.

Aphrodite's CrownAphrodite's Brush and MirrorAphrodite, Goddess of Love, has agreed to allow one of her crowns to be passed to the realm of mortal beauty. Made with a tiara base, the crown is adjustable to fit anyone. She has also donated a Mirror and Brush set to help you keep yourself at the peak of perfection. Proceeds from the Brush and Mirror set will go to ATC Canada!

Because of the hard and wonderful work ATC Canada does to aid in this production, the Kore hand made and donated a dress to help raise funds for our wonderful brothers and sisters up North.

Athena hand spun each and every token for her dedicants this year. Athena’s Spindle, which the greatest spinner among Gods and men used with her own hands, finds it way into this year’s auction as well! Before the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, Seattle’s favorite sport was fiber arts! With this apindle, allow Athena’s blessings and hands to guide your work. This blessed artifact will become someone’s most sacred treasure after this weekend.

Belladonna's Ask Me AnythingMany of you redditers saw that our Archpriestess Belladonna LaVeau led an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on /r/wicca! We had a picture of Bella holding her “I’m Bella! Ask Me Anything” Sign. This sign has been laminated and is being offered as a piece of history as the first AMA done by an ATC Leader!

Our friends at VisionQuest Health and Bookstore have donated a nicely designed paper bag with a Scott Cunningham book and a nice yard candle lantern that has an owl design in it.

In addition to our live auction, we also have the silent version! This year we will have, among other items: a trinket box with dragon figure on lid, a carved chalk token, a small knife and cloth bag, a large Indian painting on silk (framed), a medium Indian painting on silk (unframed), and a silver ring.

We can not wait to see you. May the Sacred Road leading to the Sacred City rise to meet your feet. May Hermes bless every mile you travel under the skies while taking the Great Pilgrimage. All this and more awaits you at the Gates of Eleusis this year. Blessings, safe journeys, and see you at Spring Mysteries Festival, Pilgrim!


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