Spring Mysteries Auction: The Drum of Gilyeat

As many of you know, we have an amazing auction every year at Spring Mysteries Festival. In years past we have auctioned quilts made from prayers, baskets with items of a Pagany nature, swords, gift cards, hand cast and painted miniatures of the Olympians themselves {more to come on those in a later post! – Ed.}, crafted items of all sorts, and items from the God-forms themselves (Demeter’s Staff, Artemis’ Tail, and Pan’s Sack in more recent years).

The top of the drum has a beautiful milky-way style pattern in the furThis year will be no different! Starting today, we will be unveiling the many different items that will be appearing in this year’s auction. We will not delve into every item during this series, mind you, but we will be showing you many of the high-profile donated items, as well as the items that the God-forms are donating this year. In future articles we will cover more amazing miniatures from David Malinski, as well as Items from Pan, Athena, Herakles, Persephone/Kore, and more. So make sure to stay tuned.

Today I present to you: “The Drum of Gilyeat“!

The drum, standing at about 1.5 feet tall, has a beautiful bass sound.This wonderful drum is large (but not too large to travel with, at about two and a half feet wide and two feet tall while remaining unusually light!) and has a beautiful, full, deep, voice. Perfect for mallet playing, the sound of this drum vibrates gently and deeply through the room. The natural goat skin head is masterfully tanned to keep the hair and the unique Milky Way spiral pattern preserved. Two handles woven from hide adorn each side of the drum to make for easy transport from car to festival, and from tent to drum circle. The drum itself is very light weight. even the most lithe of us can easily pick it up to move it.

William and Sarah Gilyeat, who are also in charge of our bustling, delicious food making and kitchens, were kind enough to donate this beautiful piece.

William commented, “It has been in our possession for a while now, and it has always felt like it was going to move on. This seems like exactly where it should go – out into the community.”

Keep your eyes and ears peeled as more and more items begin coming out! Until then: Keep that beat and we will see you around the drum circle!

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