SMF Godform Auction Item: Persephone’s Wedding Gown (Size 8-12) & Crown of Silver

Silver Crown PersephoneWelcome back! We have been posting many wonderful items that will be available at our auction this year. Aside from the regular auction items from years past, we have been showcasing and offering items used by the Godforms themselves. Today’s items, submitted for your perusal, are from the Queen of the Underworld, herself.

Made by hand by the Priest of Hades and the Priestess of Persephone, these wonderful items will be the perfect items for the woman who is embracing change, the woman who is embracing her power, the woman who feels her connection with the Sacred Daughter turned Queen. This year’s Priestess of Persephone is the consummate costumer. Year in and year out she creates many of the amazing costumes you have seen within the Mysteries. Also a collector of antique items, her belongings yielded a collection of real silverware. Made by hand, the first item is a Crown of Silver made from the recycled silver and fresh water pearls. The Priest of Hades himself worked the precious metals from within his realm to create this piece. Stoic and powerful, Persephone’s crown perfectly suits the next items in the set:Persephone Dress and Cape

Persephone’s Wedding Dress with a Red Organza Cape. This beautiful handmade duo is made for sizes 8-12. You have the unique chance to own the very dress that Persephone herself wears during her marriage to the Dark Lord. The exquisite fabric is a perfect adornment for the person looking to connect with the elegance and stature of the Queen of All Below. The White and Red combo is sacred to Persephone as it reminds her of the Kore in which she arose from, and the Goddess in which she is destined to be. Those seeking her mysteries may find that connection facilitated through this sacred offering from the Goddess.

These items, and many more, await you at this year at Spring Mysteries Festival. We strive to bring magical and personal items that connect you to the Gods of these rites. Our vendors work tirelessly to create catalogs of items to bring you to appropriately commemorate your experience. More and more our Godforms are bringing you items used within the mysteries, sacred items created with the hands that are doing the work, bequeathed to the community that has supported them. We can’t wait to facilitate a magical experience for you yet again, and safe travels to you and yours on your way to the sacred city.

See you at Eleusis, Pilgrim!

Images Courtesy of Regina Cagle


SMF Godform Auction Item: Persephone’s Wedding Gown (Size 8-12) & Crown of Silver — 1 Comment

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