SMF Godform Auction Item: Pan’s Length and Bredth

The Godform’s Auction Items have been pouring in this week! The selection of personal items from the Gods themselves will be the largest we have seen. Clothes worn in the production; figurines of amazing quality; sacred items wielded by the Godforms; and this wonderful item from Pan himself. I will allow the Priest of Pan to tell you about its glory in his own words.

I present to you: Pan’s Length and Breadth
Pan's Cock“Also known as Pan’s member, or quite simply, Pan’s cock, this finely carved phallus has made quite a journey on its way to Eleusis! I was set on the idea of a gemstone penis, even before I was aware I would be Priest of Pan this year. As one can imagine, Google searches for “gemstone penis,” “crystal cock” and “quartz dick” turned up some very interesting and random asides. Finding artists that make them was much more challenging. I found three, two of whom were working independently in small Chinese cities and selling their wares on Etsy.

Pan's CockMost of the gemstone phalli available were very small (which simply didn’t do!) and/or carved from simple quartz or sometimes rose quartz. These were lovely but not exactly in tune with Pan’s style. Then, I found it.

I quickly bought it and had it shipped from the artist in China. Upon its arrival, I noticed the customs form on the exterior of the package, which gave me quite a chuckle.

Customs FormWeighing in at 1.62 lb (would one expect less?) Pan’s cock is beautifully hewn from citrine quartz, with a lovely matrix base, transitioning through clear quartz to a greenish citrine at the tip. Many internal crystal planes give it a unique and fascinating appearance. It is carved to closely resemble an erect phallus while having flat surfaces to allow for multiple positions (!) on an altar.

So, what makes this particular phallus so special? As the Priest of Pan for Spring Mysteries this year, I have worked with Him to bless the piece. I have it always visible and available at invocations and at other work as we prepare together for the Mysteries. By the time of SMF 2014, it will be thoroughly infused with his energy, making it, in all seriousness, Pan’s cock.”

You can bid on this, and many more items, this year at Spring Mysteries Festival. Aside from the deeply moving mysteries imparted at our yearly pilgrimage, we strive to bring magical and personal items that connect you to the Gods of these rites. Be it through our wonderful cast of vendors, or the auction itself, seekers should have a chance to discover exactly the thing to help them stay connected with the energies they discover each year.

See you at Eleusis, Pilgrim!

Pan altar

First image retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.


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