SMF Godform Auction Item: Hephaestus’ Motivational Board

Hephaestus Painting Our expose of the items coming to Spring Mysteries Festival’s Auction continues with this wonderful item from Hephaestus. During this time of preparation to invoke the Gods of the Mysteries, our priests/esses’ lives take many twists and turns. Oftentimes our lessons, and the ways to deal with those lessons, comes directly out of our Godform’s notebook.

It has been during a time like this that our Priest of Hephaestus looked inward. His work with the God of creativity, creation, craftsmanship, and connection to the human experience led him to create this Motivational Board.

“I realized […] that this was a lesson from Hephaestus, to connect with what […] he feels. Rejection from [the people in his life], the other Olympians. But he also taught me how to take that pain, that searing heat of emotion, and channel it into artwork. The day after […] the creative dam burst forth, and I created this piece pictured.”

Our Priests/esses walk closely to the mysteries of the energies they herald. It is with great responsibility they wield the power to cause a person to flourish and grow through the sacred mysteries that each God/dess holds. You will have the opportunity to own a piece of this sacred journey; handmade by the god of creativity himself.

“I intend to display the piece in Hephaestus’ shrine, as well as offer it up to for the auction.[…] This is my first art piece I’ve ever done for general consumption,” the priest said.

We will see you in Eleusis, pilgrim! Keep it tuned to Panegyria for more news on the many items coming to the Auction, as well as the many articles from the Priests and Priestessess of the gods of Eleusis! For more information on, The ATC, and our Affiliates, and to register for Spring Mysteries Festival, please visit


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