Herbs by a Willo’ – the Acorn

Can you feel it? The energy vibrating under your feet outside. The air bending the trees, rushing the flow as it bows, and allows the sap to stir once more. The first flowers push their way through the earth as they reach towards the strengthening sun’s light, bursting the buds. The energy shifts nature from the stupor of winter toward the exuberant activity of spring’s call. The rabbits feel the instinct to rRabbit-closeup-profile-lookingeproduce. The rabbit’s gestation period is 28 days, which is also the moon’s. Is it any wonder then that rabbits are very sacred creatures to the goddess in many cultures, especially towards the lunar and maiden aspects? Rabbits and hares, worldwide, co-exist with the moon as symbols of fertility, vitality, and life-force, or “spring fever”. The sanskrit word, cacadharas, means both moon and “that which carries the hare”. Rabbit/hares can sleep with their eyes open  Romans believed that rabbits watched over everything by vigilance, just as the moon does. Ostara, which comes from Eostra, the goddess of dawn,  falls in March. The Saxon goddess heralds the triumphant rebirth of the sun. The maiden, Persephone, returns and brings back the greening seasons.

Diana is often depicted wearing a necklace of acorns. The acorn was known as the sacred first food of mankind. It is a symbol of security, feritliy, and abundance. When carried by a person, lore says that it counteracts pain, illness and loneliness. It also aids longevity, is said to bring luck, and preserves youthfulness. Acorns make good faerie talismans since the fey have a love for the oak, especially when gathered under the full moon. If planted under the light of the moon, it will bring luck and prosperity to you. Acorns contain tannic acid, which must be removed before using. Tannic acid is water soluble and can be removed by a cold water flushing method. It is a simple method. 1st: Place the whole or ground nutmeat kernels iAcorns_small_to_largenside cheese cloth. 2nd: Secure the opening. 3rd: Leech in cold running water for several hours, draining the water out of the cheese cloth every so often and continue rinsing. When the nutmeats no longer taste bitter, stop rinsing. Once dried, you can roast them for use in your recipes. To oven dry: put in preheated oven at 200 Fahrenheit with the door slightly opened to let moisture escape, or you can place the nutmeat on a sheet pan in direct sun for several hours until dried.

Breads and cakes are a traditional food at this time of year, such as hot crossed buns, and ground acorn nutmeat can be used to make acorn meal (flour). With their now natural sweetness obvious, acorns are also perfect in breads, muffins, or even cookies. It can be used as toppings for desserts, cereals and granola and is extremely nutritious!

Air is spring’s element. Air can quickly disperse stagnation. It reminds us to live lightly and let the winds move us in new directions. The bird’s songs have returned and scents of hyacinths fill the air. Crocus, daffodils, and blossoms of fruit trees, enforced by their delicacy, show that new life returns by the strength of all, ever reaching to be enlightened.

Take the energy that is around and beneath you, grab some hot cross buns and dance!


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