Searching for the Kore – by Regina Cagle

I started on a journey this year as Priestess of Kore and Persephone, feeling pretty firmly that I had a very large undertaking ahead of me in finding the Kore. My Kore. As Demeter searched for her this winter, I too started looking. I actually agonized, how will I find her within…this…

I went deep inside my memory and tried to grasp and feel what it was like to be innocent, to be a child. I could not find it. A tiny tear rolls down my face, as I sit thinking. Out of nowhere, I hear the voice of the Priest of Hades: “Hey, I sure do love you,” as he often says. I don’t even have to say there is a Kore crisis going on.

I am suddenly in the car going to get fabric.

I wander around the fabric store. Usually I can find a sliver of light here or there when working with my hands. The creation of items, and dresses helps a certain layer of my mind to roam free. I look for the Kore in the store, I really did not expect to find her FredericLeighton-TheReturnofPerspephone(1891)there. I didn’t see her around. The Priest of Hades gave a wonderful gift of 2 fabrics, when meshed together made a completely different color. I went home to sew.

For the next half of the day I worked on a style of dress that always appealed to me, yet I had never worn. I used some items that were gifts from the homeless, and some jewels that were from a recent friends passing to embellish my dress. The Priest of Hades informs me after much toil and almost finishing that it is time to go! Go where I said? Well we have obligations my love, remember though the Priestess of Demeter will be there and you can tell her about your dress. I hurried…

I saw the Priestess Demeter that night and she asked how I had been. “Well Momma I am well, and I even made my own dress today!” I say laughing. The Priestess of Demeter slyly bought me a piece of pie afterwards at our table populated by various citizens of Olympus. When I got home later, I realized I had been searching very hard, for something I already was, that I just couldn’t see on my own.

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Searching for the Kore – by Regina Cagle — 2 Comments

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  2. Wow that was powerful Regina! It brought me to tears! Good tears, healing tears! Thank you for sharing this, it is a beautiful story! One I finally understand thanks to you n perspheone.

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