Registration for Spring Mysteries Festival 2014 Now Open

INDEX, Wash. – The Aquarian Tabernacle Church World Headquarters located in Index, Wash. announces the opening of registration for the 29th annual Spring Mysteries Festival.  Spring Mysteries Festival is a four-day event on April 17-20, 2014, Easter Weekend at Fort Flagler State Park in Nordland, Washington celebrating the ancient mysteries of Eleusis.

        Each year pagans of all paths make a sacred pilgrimage to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State to experience the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church is world renowned for it’s four-day Pan-Pagan recreation of the Ancient Greek Mystery Drama of how the seasons came to be.  The original Eleusinian Mysteries were a mystery kept secret for almost 3,000 years and the basic story, as portrayed, is all that is available. In modern times the ATC is the only group performing these mysteries on a large scale for the public.  Participants take a vow of secrecy still today, and experience first hand interaction with Priests and Priestesses embodying the Gods of Olympus.

Early bird discounts are available for those that register early.  Food and lodging is provided. In addition to the four-day ritual, there are pagan-centered workshops, merchants, a talent show and auction, Rites of Passage rituals and other magically-minded activities.

        To register, go to For more information, visit

        The Aquarian Tabernacle Church, which is based out of Index, Wash., is a Wiccan church that has provided religious services and support to the larger Wiccan community since 1979. The ATC now has many affiliated groups sharing the benefits and protections of the ATC recognition “umbrella” through its unique group exemption from the U.S. Treasury.



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