Casting Magick; Witchcraft Ethics.By Phoenix Ryder.

It begins with the question, “Should I or should I not cast magick?” While magick can be a very powerful and positive thing in our day-to-day lives, as solitary witches, it comes down to ethics.

However, you may say, “I am not harming anyone and I am not doing it for personal gain. “ Yet Think again, do you really know what the outcome will be?

To cast magick one must take full responsibility: for the energy, you send out that manifests on this earthly plane and beyond.

If I cast magick then, what ethics should I consider? Many Wiccans have revered the Wiccan Rede, while not all Pagans agree with it; it serves as a good reminder of karmic law. The Rede however is not meant to be viewed as dogma, as seen in other religions, of if you do something that might be considered wrong, or bad, you will pay for it, like a sin. It is meant to remind a witch of the responsibility he or she takes when energy is cast out of themselves and into the world around them. Who is to say then what is right or wrong, good or bad, in this human experience of life? For the soul’s experience is neither, it just is a learning experience.

Many believe it depends on the intent of the person, what is in their heart. “The path to the underworld is always taken with good intentions” comes to mind. The world is full of magick, everywhere around us. People hurrying to work in the morning, praying for no traffic, the lights that come on in the office, all of these were visualized, created and manifested by the mind. The universe is constantly reacting to us in all forms. From the sunshine to grow the plants on our patio, to the thoughts we think, using the Law of Attraction, to the feelings we emit from our auric fields, to the actions we do every day.

Therefore, to cast responsible magick, a witch must think, “How is this going to affect the universe around me?”. Every living atom, cell and being has free will. Affecting that free will affects every outcome. For with great power, comes great responsibility. All this talk about responsibility may not sound very fun, however” I just want a little extra money because I have that expense that came up,” or “I just want to draw love into my life,” or “I would really like it if that person would stop bothering me,” that can’t be so wrong, can it? I do not mean to harm to anyone, and my intentions are pure, so what could go wrong?

It is called the ripple effect. Have you ever dropped a rock into a pool of water and watched the water ripple out, come back in, ripple out again, then come back in and repeat the process? This is what the Wiccan Rede is asking of you to consider, how might the energy you send out affect others? Is the money you are asking for going to come from an unexpected source, like an inheritance? Is that new partner that you asked to be drawn to you under the right circumstance with their free will included, going to come before you were ready for it? What if in the cosmic plan, you and them were meant to be together, however because you forced your will and manipulated energy, the universe’s outcome changed, therefore changing your destiny and theirs. What karmic consequences would there be for that? Would you want to know, or could you foresee such a thing?

When casting magick, one should never cast it on, or over another being. To act in this manner, is to be playing the role of a God or Goddess. Yet we are mortal beings, so to do so is to then be manipulating universal energy we have no right in doing so. Those karmic responses, or lessons as I prefer to call them, can have swift and just energy returning to you in ways that could cause you further suffering, or prolonged struggle, that is unnecessary. The point of life is to evolve, you chose your lessons before you reincarnated here, do you really want to knock yourself down the spiral ladder and have to work yourself back up again? Why cause yourself more work, if you do not have to. Life is a precious gift, and we are here to enjoy it, grow and be all we can be, with all the human possibilities of this lifetime, why not choose to make it better instead of worse?

Changing the perspective here a little bit, how would you like it if someone cast magick on you without your knowing? Even if they intended to help you, for example sending you healing energy for that cold you were suffering from. What if you were meant to have that cold as the universe’s reminder for you to take care of your body, your temple, yet with that energy sent your way you did not get the universe’s reminder, or lesson? Even if you have permission to cast magick on another, we do not know what “lessons” or contract they signed with the universe before they reincarnated here. So while we may say” I am sure they would approve of this, or I have permission, and pure intentions, so it should be ok…” I would still caution otherwise. If you are to cast magick at all; first do it on yourself, second are there any mundane ways you can achieve your goal without casting magick? If not and you are still in need are you are willing to take full responsibility for the energy you send out? If it does not harm anyone, then proceed. Know though you will receive any karmic lessons in return for the energy you send out, if it does not manifest correctly.

I would also remind you to “be careful, what you wish for.” What you may think you need, may not be what you needed at all. The Gods know what your contract is and will remind you of it if you go off course of your path. First with a tap on the shoulder, if you do not heed their call, the next time it will repeat the lesson with more impact, until you get it. So always, trust first that the Gods are guiding us, and the universe provides, and that you are exactly where you need to be, in this lifetime of learning, for it is the journey, not the destination that matters. May your desires be fulfilled, may the goddess inspire creativity, and the god passion, to live your life in true alignment. Brightest Blessings, Phoenix.


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  1. Very nicely written and really brings into perspective the accountability of spell casting, something my High Priestess has told me from the beginning of my journey on the craft. I’ve often felt that magick is being created by the Gods/Goddess and the natural world around us to reiterate lessons, as you mentioned they are the ones that do so for our growth and knowledge. Any magick and energy I put off is generally just feelings. Positive feelings of love, hope, peace. It has not been directed at any particular being or person, but just that warm comforting feeling. Needless to say it has returned to me in loving ways often with reminders of things to do to keep on this path!

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