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Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks ~ ATC is a non-profit, tax exempt organization (501c3) dedicated to serving the larger Pagan community. Established in 2009, we offer classes and activities to the new seeker or the advanced practitioner. We are an Wiccan church with strong traditional background and membership open to solitary practitioners or members of covens to provide fellowship for the Pagan community. We offer many opportunities to enjoy Pagan fellowship, including open Full Moon circles, open Sabbats plus a variety of weekend festivals, periodic parties for both adults and children. Our circles, Sabbats and festivals are all child friendly.

All Wite Rayvn clergy are licensed and ordained to serve the God and Goddess and minister to the community.ALL CLERGY are in the public forum and are public about their Pagan path and role as Pagan Clergy. With a Church structure the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church – ATC can offer many benefits to solitaries, who do not want to join a specific tradition and still have a group base of like- minded Pagans they can celebrate and worship with. We offer to the Pagan community open legal and non-legal handfastings, initiations, rites of passages, classes, spiritual counseling, training for clergy and ordination

Alfred Willowhawk

Alfred Willowhawk (TM)is one of the senior ministers and co-founder of the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks ~ATC  in Kansas and Missouri. He has been in the craft for over 30 years a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry with Doctorate of Metaphysical Science (DMsc), through the International Metaphysical University at the University of Sedona. He is an ordained third degree by the Southern Delta Church of Wicca ATC, a full professor at the Woolston Steen Theological Seminary where he teaches undergraduate and graduate levels. He is also a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Practitioner, a member of Healers International, and a chartered member of the World Metaphysical Association, and the founder of the Healing System –  Celtic Transformational Healing. He is a frequent contributor as well and can be found there under religion and spirituality.

His work has been published many times at Witchvox , and has published, Hawk Sightings, a collection of Sacred Poetry, Manifesting True Desires Learning from Arianrhod and the Tree of Life , Creating Guided Meditations for Yourself and Others, and I Am Healer, Storyteller, and Warrior Priest: Learning from Arianrhod



Willo' Wellspring
Willo’ Wellspring TM : is the senior Minister and co-founder of the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks ~ATC both in Kansas and Missouri She has been in the craft for over 30 years and is  a Reiki Master, ordained 3rd Degree by the Southern Delta Church of Wicca ATC, a Spiritual Counselor and an accomplished teacher. Willo embraced the Craft in 1984 was initially trained in Celtic Ecclectic, Gardnarian and Alexandrian Wicca. Willo also has a deep understanding of plants, crystals and stones and utilizes them in a variety of ways. She is She facilitates classes for seekers and degreed individuals. Willo is the chief inspiration and a founder of the Three Gates Gathering an exploration of the mysteries with a multi-traditional focus held annually in the early summer. She is a Green Witch who’s love of everything outdoors which has led to her understanding of the usage of indigenous plants for medicinal purposes. Her knowledge of medicinal usages of plants has helped  individuals devise natural remedies based on known properties for personal use.


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