Summer Series 2013

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Summer Series 2013

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Summer Series 2013

image02Wand Making – Tools of Fire

This summer we will be making Wands, Brooms and Staffs; tools of Fire. I will have my flying broom, and working wand, and we will go through the creative construction of making your own handmade wand.  Wand making is an art and a skill, and will take many weeks to complete


image00Basics of Wiccan Magic – Spring Mysteries Prep Class

This year we will focus on becoming a vessel of deity.  We will learn magical techniques that allow the Wiccan Priest or Priestess to become a bridge between the worlds, and a conduit for God and Goddess to work within the Earthly realm.  We will specifically prepare you to hold a God form within ritual space, so that we may call upon you to help us facilitate a spiritual experience during the rituals and gatherings that the ATC facilitates for the public,throughout the year, including the recreation of the famous Eleusinian Mysteries; Spring Mysteries Festival.  All are welcome.

image03Celebrating the Season of Fire

Enjoy five glorious weekends of rituals and magic as we turn the wheel to the season of Fire.  Revel with us this summer as we dance with Fairies, walk with Gods, and drum with the fire through the warm, enchanted midsummer evenings.  Rent a cabin in beautiful Index, and plan to stay the night in the primeval Wenatchee Forest upon the shores of the Skykomish River.

Bring Drums and Pot Luck to each event (except fundraiser).

Cost – The Summer Series is facilitated by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church and WiccanSeminary.EDU.  Both of these religious institutions need your benevolent donations to continue to do this work.  It really lets us know that you appreciate what we have offered, and would like to see more of it, when you express your gratitude with financial support.  Please come prepared to give something in exchange for what you receive.  May the Lord and Lady bless you in many ways for everything that you give in Their service.

June 22 – Full Moon Weekend

4:00 pm – Wands Making – Choosing your wand

Choosing your wand should be done with intuition and with knowledge.  Do you want to research trees before you go looking, or after you’ve cut your wood?  Please know the wood you’re choosing from.  Cherry wood has a vastly different vibration from Holly.  Know what you want your wand to do and choose appropriately.

  1. Choose your wood and bring it to class
  2. Your wood should be newly cut (less than a few days old)
  3. Please ask the tree if you can have the wood, and leave an offering
  4. Your wand should be the length of your arm (fingertips to armpit)
  5. Your wand should fill the circumference between your index finger and thumb
  6. Your wand should be relatively straight without many knots
  7. Please choose your wand with intuition, keeping these specifications in mind.
  8. (Ultimately, whatever spirit moves you to choose is right for you)

        Materials needed –

Your fresh cut, appropriately measured stick of wood

A durable potato peeler

(interestingly enough the cheaper ones usually work better)

5:00 pm – Basics of Magic – Spring Mysteries Prep Class

        The Alchemy of Perspective and Plugging in to your Power Source

Learn how the power of relative truth and changing perspective can make your universe a malleable place of magic and change.  Connect with the Gaia, and level up.  Get ready to start moving some energy.

7:30 pm – Full Moon – The White Goddess Ritual

The Goddess of Heaven and Earth, the Bright Mother, the White Goddess, Our Lady of many names, descends from the heavens to greet us along the path.  She offers us blessings of whatever we may need as we make our way through life.

Bella has been performing this ritual all over the country, and she is bringing back as the first ritual of her return to the Northwest, and as the opening to the 2013 Summer Series.

Come and be blessed by She who makes the wheel turn.  Ask for Her touch to bring the change you seek.  During this ritual you may take a few minutes and speak directly with the Goddess.  This opportunity is profound, and not to be missed!

June 29 – Sabbat Weekend

4:00 pm – Wands Making – Adding your energy

Your wood is an extension of your desires, and creative expression.  Today, we will be putting our energy into our wood, and connecting it to our passions.  Dress up your hotness, and come feeling sexy. Expect bawdy jokes, and raising of the sexual energy that the wand represents..

Materials needed – Bring Sandpaper, in several grades, and steel wool

5:00 pm – Basics of Magic – Spring Mysteries Prep Class

        Becoming a Protector of “The Balance” and an Agent of Change.

Discover the essence of Wiccan magic.  Learn how witches adjust the energies of earth and sky through spellwork, and other means to create healing and change in their world.

7:30 pm – Litha – Dionysis Celebration

Celebrate the “God made Flesh”, and witness his transformation to Priest King, as you internalize his experience into a transformation of your own.

July 6 – Drum Circle and Belly Dancing

4:00 pm – Wands Making – Programming Details

Fire is of creation, so is your wand a work of art.  We will program the details of your wand, with wire wrap, ribbons, leather, beads, stones, feathers, furs, and all manner of magical things.  As your connection with your wand grows, you will know what you want to put on it, as you define your relationship with your fire magic through the intuitive creative process of enchantment.

Materials – Bring wire wrapping, leather, and other decorative magical objects to program your wand

5:00 pm – Basics of Magic – Spring Mysteries Prep Class

Finding your Patron Deity – Invoking God and Goddess.

Learn to be the Hands and Voice of God/dess, and how the Priests and Priestess of the ATC become the vessels within which the Gods may walk on Earth.

7:30 pm – Drum Circle

Bring your Drums and Dancing Gear and raise energy into the night.

July 13th – Fairy Ball

4:00 pm – Wands Making – Aligning the Power

        We will be carving and setting in stones, and other power objects into your wand.

Materials –         crystals and other power objects you want to use for your wand,

a Dremel and/or carving tools

5:00 pm – Basics of Magic – Spring Mysteries Prep Class

        Manifesting your Reality – Shielding and Magical Protection

7:30 pm – Fairy Ball & SJ Tucker Concert

Come see SJ  Tucker in Concert and celebrate the Season of Fire.  Make wishes upon the Lavender and cast them into the sacred fire in this traditional seasonal rite.  Let the Genii of Summer grant your hearts desires, and ignite your internal fire, as you enjoy a night of dancing and drumming in the shadow of the dark moon.  Come dressed as a Fairie or Genii.  Bring glitter, bubbles, and other fun outdoor delights, and well as delicious yummies to feed the elemental within.

July 20th – Full Moon Monologues

4:00 pm – Wands Making – Consecrating and Dedicating

        Turn your tool into a sacred, magical extension of your desires.

5:00 pm – Basics of Magic – Spring Mysteries Prep Class

Discuss how to deal with the energy of holding a God Form.  The challenges and rewards, as well as the unexpected.

7:30 pm – Full Moon – Lammas Monologues

        Honor the Gods with Invocation.

This is a required event for Seminary Students, and all those who wish to be considered for a part as a Ritual Presenter (cast members) in the Spring Mysteries Festival.  You do NOT have to attend classes to present a monologue.  All are welcome.

Come prepared to Invoke the God or Goddess of your choosing, and demonstrate your skills as a Priest or Priestess of the Gods, in this ritual of personal offering. Allow the Gods to speak through you, and learn about the many divinities, as they pour through your brothers and sisters. All those who present a deity will be considered for a part in Spring Mysteries. (Note – This is happening in lieu of Auditions, please do not miss this is you want to hold God forms in the Festivals.)

(PS – Seasoned players who cannot make it, should contact Bella, and let her know you’re interested in participating in the festivals)

For Wiccan Seminary Students – This is an all student event, and assignments are as follows:

1st presentation – The God or Goddess of your Choice

2nd presentation – Your Higher Self

3rd presentation – Cross Gender Deity

4th presentation – An Elemental

5th and future presentations – Your choice



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