Rant #865,326 (some of those others don’t count)

GayMarriageThree out of four voices in my head don’t like you.”  Clever joke, right?  Well, not so clever and, apparently, not a joke either.  First off, I’ll preface the rest of this with the statement that I have no way to know for sure just how true any of the charges made in Isabel Perez’s suit of Ashley Furniture’s New Jersey outlet might be.  But I will make my remarks as if they are true.
Let me catch you up with a little background information I got from the Huffington Post‘s online post of 1/22/2013:  Isabel Perez was hired by the New Jersey outlet of Ashley Furniture.  Isabel is a lesbian and married to a woman.  Though she did not try to push this at anybody (and, in fact claims she ‘tried to keep her sexual orientation secret,’) apparently several of her co-workers were aware of it.  It would seem that Kathy Martin, business’ Director of People Services and Development, called Perez into her office and began to lecture her about the bible, Leviticus and the wrongness of ‘niggas, lesbos and fags.’  After seeing a bumper sticker about a Human Rights Campaign, Martin asked Perez if it was ‘for the gays,’ then said she didn’t think Perez fitted the culture at the company and that she was going to speak with God about it.
Shortly after that, Perez was fired.  Thus spake God.
I know that I have often spoken about how wrong it is to bash another’s religion.  I have encouraged others to (and try hard to be a good example of) respect all religions and those who choose to follow them.  So I’d like to be clear that what I’m about to say has nothing to do with Christianity.
It’s just my opinion, but I think this woman (Kathy Martin) is effing nuts!  At best, she is delusional and at worst she’s psychopathic.  And somewhere in there, she’s a damn liar.
Respect for other people’s religion doesn’t mean they get to impose their sick fantasies and warped ethics (compared to the norms of society) on others who are not sick and warped in the same way.  If Kathy Martin actually did what this suit says, I dearly hope the law takes her out of the position to ever do it again.  Oh, and I also hope Isabel Perez gets a boatload of cash from these people.  And I, for one, will never shop at Ashley Furniture for anything, period.
Showing respect for a religion doesn’t mean we should tolerate some of the twisted, cruel, totally idiotic, and (let us not forget) evil things done using religion as some kind of justification.  I’m not a history scholar, but I’d wager that every religion (and yep, that includes Paganism, both ancient and modern) has had its share of nut jobs that have justified their wrong, bad, completely rotten actions on their “religious beliefs.”
All right, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  I should probably get back to working on… uh, me.

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