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May 2nd is International Pagan Coming Out Day ! Why is this important? Why, in 2013, are there *still* Pagans living in the broom closet? If you have to ask yourself these questions, you’re a lucky person who has probably already ‘come out’ (or never had too) and doesn’t face many, if any, legal or societal reprisals for being an openly Pagan person.

Pagans around the world are still under attack for their beliefs, whether it’s a writer in Florida, traditional Tibetan monks living under Chinese rule, or actual witch-hunts in parts of Africa, Papua New Guina and elsewhere. Wearing a pentacle to a job interview is still a factor in whether or not a person gets a job and can single someone out during airport security checks. Being openly Pagan is enough in some places to have child services called to investigate and otherwise incite the hostility of your neighbours.

If you’re an out and out Pagan, did you have to ‘come out’ or have you just always been that way? Tell us your story in the comments!


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  1. In my eighteenth year i had designs on becoming a priest was looking at various collages when several things occurred to change my view of the world. I saw the church not living by the rules they set forth , the leaders at that time were condemning people unduly and something told me i was going somewhere not right. i started to follow my instincts and began a new journey . it began with my own thoughts on life and we know about the world and the universe .Combining my fascination with science and my religious readings i began to formulate my own thoughts on religion. i began to revel in nature and to understand nature all of nature, the good( as we term it) and the bad and found that all things are bound . Knowing this lead me to know that what ever deity or spirit was the cause of this must be present in all things and at all times . In knowing this i came to understand that there is a peace in wild places found no where else. it was some considerable time before i realized that i was basically adopting pagan customs and began another journey which continues to this day. The idea of coming out was of little concern to me it was more the realization of who and what i was and accepting and it . it is my sincere wish that you all find peace, happiness,love and wisdom in what ever form it may take .
    Kindest regards

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