Two Books by Janice Van Cleve

Rabbit-JVC-PanegyriaI am pleased to announce that the second edition of Eighteen Rabbit – The Intimate Life and Tragic Death of a Maya God-King is published and now available from my new publisher, CreateSpace, at or on  A new edition is necessary because 1) I’ve learned a lot more from my continued research in the history of the Maya since the first edition in 2006 and 2) those archaeologists keep digging up more stuff!  This edition corrects several things – especially the history before Eighteen Rabbit – and includes many more  illustrations.  Another bonus is that with this publisher, the cost is dramatically reduced 25% to only $14.95.

In addition, my second book, The Founder – The Life of Yax Kuk Mo, Mover and Founder-JVC-PanegyriaShaker in the Maya World has also been republished and is now available at or on  This new volume contains more illustrations and it too benefits from the same dramatically reduced price of only $14.95.

Both books are illustrated as attachments to this email.  You may see my other publications at

Special note:  I am very excited about the research currently being done by Ricardo Agurcia, head archeologist at Copan, on the brand new royal funerary temple dubbed “Oropendola” which he discovered buried right next to Yax Kuk Mo’s funerary temple “Rosalila”.  The discovery of this new temple and who is inside it will turn the history of 6th century Copan on it’s head!  I am currently working on this exact period, so I hope to have a new book out about it in 2-3 years.

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