My Pilgrimage to Spring Mysteries by Rev. Terry Riley

IMG_1652Finally, after twenty years of being an affiliated congregation of the ATC, I made the trip to SMF. Booking the flights, paying the baggage check fees, flying from the East coast to the North West coast, losing sleep and catching a cold on top of all that…… yet I believe it  was probably the best decision I had made in the last twenty years. I was very moved and spiritually up lifted by the very talented and gifted Priests and Priestesses of the ATC. These clergy, who have dedicated their lives to dispensing the sacraments to the people, did an absolutely amazing job; not just merely playing or acting a role, but actually invoking the God Forms and letting the energy flow through them to the people. I watched in rapture as the Gods of Olympia revealed to me and hundreds of others the Eleusinian Mysteries in the grandest of Ritual Drama.

This will not be my last journey to the Mother Church, and I highly recommend all ATC members and anyone else who hasn’t attended the Mysteries, to set a time to make that pilgrimage at least once in your lifetime. It is well worth the trip and the money to witness these ancient Mysteries that are only offered by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. I am so proud to be a part of such a respected worldwide organization.

I would also like to heap praise on our Arch Priestess, Belladonna , who co- wrote, directed and invoked the Goddess Hecate during SMF this year. She is truly an amazing woman and Priestess.


Rev. Terry Riley, High Priest of the Southern Delta Church of Wicca, affiliated with the ATC in 1993.  He, along with High Priestess Rev. Amanda Riley have been the driving force behind the efforts to bring Wicca into the mainstream in the Mid-South.   If you are interested in contacting Rev. Terry Riley, follow this link:


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