Vancouver Meet and Greet & Spring Mysteries Monologues

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Vancouver Meet and Greet & Spring Mysteries Monologues

Do you live in the Lower Mainland and want to know more about the ATC?

Perhaps you would like to know what it takes to affiliate your circle our you want to know more about our tradition and degrees? Maybe you are interested in being a cast member at Spring Mysteries?

Here is your opportunity!

ATC Canada Arch Priestess Michèle Favarger and ATC Int’l Arch Priestess Belladonna Laveau will be in Vancouver on Saturday, January 19th to host a meet and greet Q&A as well as the Spring Mysteries Monologues.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this rare opportunity to meet, greet, ask questions and learn more at the ATC.

Please take note of the location and time change!

Unfortunately, we do not have kitchen access but coffee and tea will served and you are more than welcome to bring a light snack.  

An after gathering dinner meetup is also in the works with final plans being hammered out at the meet and greet.

Please join us at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, 949 49 Ave W. (49th St at Oak St).

12:20 – Introductions from (Michele and Bella)
12:30 – About the ATC Canada and ATC Intl (Michele and Bella)
1:00 – 1:30ish Q&A (Michele and Bella)
1:30ish to 2:00 – Social time, casual meet and greet over tea/coffee/snacks
2:00 to 3:30ish – Spring Mysteries Monologues


Are you interested in being a cast member at our Spring Mysteries Festival?

You now have the opportunity to declare this desire while Bella is in Vancouver for this special visit. On Saturday, January the 19th, please come to honor the Gods in ritual, through invocation.

Requirements for the Monologue:

Choose a deity that you wish to invoke, research this deity, and prepare a costume. In a prepared sacred space, draw down (invoke) and deliver a 3-5 minute monologue, introducing yourself as this deity to the ritual participants.

This will be done in sacred space, as an act of honoring and worshiping the Gods. This is not a traditional audition, but a sacred demonstration of your abilities as a Priest or Priestess to carry the energy of deity for the community at Spring Mysteries.

There will be opportunities for those who are not able to come to all the rehearsals to still participate in the Adult Affirmation of Path, or as some of the supporting roles that
have smaller parts. Please let Bella know, at that time, if you are able to attend rehearsals, or if you would like to be considered for a less demanding role.

For more information please contact, or for questions directly related to the Monologes and Spring Mysterites, contact Bella at:

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