BellasWheelGoal 1 – To work as  a world-wide Church to set and achieve our goals for this year

Imbolc is the time of setting goals.  As I sit down to think about goals for the Church this year, it occurs to me that I already know the first goal: I want to bring our family together.  I want us to know our cousins in Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado, et al.  I want us to be able to reach out to and find the loving arms of a supportive network of Wiccan Churches and members across the world from Alabama to New Zealand.

Then it occurred to me that I should as You.  What other goals might You have for the ATC?  We can work on this together, and work magic to set our intent for this year.  Being that this is the beginning of the new era (post Mayan Calendar), whatever we set as our intent in these first few years will carry mankind into the next 2,000+ years.  So we should come together and focus on what kind of  society we wish to achieve together.

Let’s join our energies together–in this internet space that is a ‘tween space, a space that is neither here nor anywhere.  Invite your brothers and sisters and let us create together a connected group mind for the next millennium.

Starting at the Full moon on January 26th and going until the next Full Moon on February 25th, we will be working Imbolc Magic by suggesting, discussing and setting goals for the ATC for the coming year.  I will post the ritual in the Comments section for you to read.

Imbolc is also the time in the Wheel of The Year in which we set our personal goals for the next 12 months. We will set one goal set for each of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac.  I will post a separate comment for each goal;  please post your suggestions about goals for each area.  We will work on these goals for one full turn of the moon, then we will choose a single purpose for each of the 12 goals and post them.

After all the goals are set, we will ask those of you who wish to, to plant seeds for each goal and nurture them in your own gardens.  As the year progresses, we can discuss the different developments of the plants and note how that is connected with the progress of each goal.

If you like, you can also use this as a personal guide to make your own goals.  Below is the guideline for each category of goals based on the Zodiac.


 Goal Categories

First House of Self – This goal should be a sacredly selfish, personal goal; something we want for us because we want it. We don’t need any other reason. Also could be athletic goals, warrior goals or other physical body goals.

Second House of Possessions – This is the house of money and possessions. It relates to what we own, what we will acquire, our income and our finances. This goal should reflect on what resources we need or want and seeing those things as already having been acquired. For example, I own a dependable vehicle. Or I have a new dining room suit.

Third House of Communication – This house governs the way we think, speak and write. Logic, memory and manual skills are in its domain. Relationships with siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors fall under the influence of this house. This is the house where we should list our social goals.

Fourth House of Home – This house governs our home. Our relationship with our mother falls here. Our current domestic affairs are under its influence. The goal for this house should involve the kind of home atmosphere we want for ourselves in both a physical and emotional sense.

Fifth House of Creativity and Sex – This house rules over the things we are proud of and how we express ourselves creatively. This house rules all things to which we instinctively give affection such as lovers, children, pets, entertainment, amusement, the arts, love affairs new undertakings and games of chance. Our goal could involve our sexuality and other creative modes of expression (the offspring of your heart).

Sixth House of Service and of Health – This house rules the relationships with the people we work with. The house also relates to our state of health, especially illness. The goal for this house could be about health issues, career or a charitable service.

Seventh House of Partnership and Marriage – This is the house of Partnerships such as marriage and/or mate, business and work partnership. This house governs our ability to work harmoniously within all partnerships. This is where we blend our personality with others to pursue shared goals. Our goal for this house should be about balancing these partnerships.

Eighth House of Death and Regeneration – Also sometimes called the House of Spiritual Transformation. It includes the life forces that surround sex, birth, death and the afterlife. It may concern legacies that you receive from the dead both spiritually and physically. This house also governs debt, taxes and money belonging to others. This house governs surgery since it relates to regeneration. Finally, this house rules psychic powers and mystically oriented knowledge. Goals should be transformational–anything from paying off a nagging credit card debt  to learning to read tarot.

Ninth House of Mental Exploration and Long Distance Travel – This is the House of The Higher Mind. Under this house fall higher education, philosophy and the study of profound subjects. Long journeys such as these by the mind as well as physical journeys are controlled by this house. Travel to, and business in, foreign lands are covered here. The Ninth House also rules public expression of ideas and it is therefore the House of Publishing and Literary Effort.

Tenth House of Career and Public Standing – All matters outside the home such as profession, status in the community and public reputation fall under the influence of this house. It also governs relationships with fathers. It is called the House of Ambition, Aspiration and Attainment. This house has a great influence on material success in life. This goal should reflect how we wish to be known in public.

Eleventh House of Friends and Hopes and Wishes – This is the house of long-term dreams, goals and intellectual pleasures. Involvement with groups and clubs falls here. The ability to enjoy other people and harmonious work within a group that reflects each individual’s personality is reflected here. It is the House of Idealism and Vision. Goals should be about your long-term dreams.

Twelfth House of Secrets, Sorrows and Un-doing – This house governs disappointments, accidents, trouble and self-defeat. It is also called the House of Karma because it contains the rewards and punishments for the deeds one commits in the world. It is associated with psychic powers and the ability to interpret and remember dreams, and discover the meaning of life. Goals here should involve religion, dreams, sub-conscious self, past life intuition, things of a psychic nature, etc.

To plant seeds for the goals – Once you have your goals clearly stated, it is good magic to plant seeds at Imbolc that reflect each goal. You can even write your goal on the pot, or label it to remind you which plant goes with which goal. These seeds are related to your goals, and the growth of the plants will correspond to the growth of your goals. If you neglect your seeds and don’t nurture them to grow, then you will be able to see that you may be neglecting your goals as well. If one plant grows much faster than the others, that will also be a tale-tell.

Remember that we are in ritual space on this page, and spin your energy deosil as you post.  Respectful, positive statements, about what you DO want us to accomplish together.  Leave out the part about what you don’t want.

I look forward to working together to create a loving, supportive, connected ATC Community!

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