Spring Mysteries XXVIII – Lets Start Planning!

Spring Mysteries XXVIII is still several months away, but this time of year we like to put the festival back in our thoughts for just a moment so we may plan ahead.

Many from Canada make the yearly pilgrimage to Washington State to experience the ancient initiatory rites and every year our numbers grow.

Spring Mysteries has room for approximately 300 attendees and last years festival came very near to selling out.  Now is a good time to start putting those pennies in a jar and save up to be ready to jump on that early registration (and discounted price!) when it opens up.

If you are traveling form the lower mainland or Vancouver Island ATC Canada has set up two Facebook events to help coordinate ride shares.

From the lower mainland: http://www.facebook.com/events/379089038840167/

From Vancouver Island: http://www.facebook.com/events/382199598529745/

Part of the Spring Mysteries experience is the pilgrimage to the grounds and we encourage everyone to share that experience with others in the Pagan community. We also encourage as many ride shares as possible to lessen our footprint on our mother and make transportation costs more affordable for everyone.

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