HSF & Website issues

Holy Cow! Someone has infected the ATC website with a bug (or at least a script that Google doesn’t like)! Oddly enough, it’s ALL the ATC websites, from our store, to our school, to our church, which are all on different hosts. I wonder what that means?  Odd huh?  We are working on this and  will be posting updates as soon as Google clears us!

Until then, please call the church at 360-793-1945  for all your Sickle Registration needs!  We can handle your registration and payment right over the phone.  If you are experiencing severe  financial hardship, call us at the church and we’ll see what we can do.

Please remember that we are volunteers, not experts. Our goal is to keep improving the festival experience for everyone. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

See you at Sickle!  Blessed Be!


Our festivals provide the majority of the funding for the church and the dozens activities and programs we offer year around. We appreciate your generosity, both past and future.

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