ATC Open Ritual Information Notice: Site Support Fee

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ATC Open Ritual Information Notice: Site Support Fee

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ATC Open Ritual Information Notice

Effective May 1, 2009

ATC won’t be collecting donations in Circle, starting May 2009. In the past, those donations haven’t adequately met upkeep expenses, and were disruptive of Circle sacred space. Instead, we are going to “catch up” with the rest of the area Pagan groups, and institute a “support fee” like the ones successfully used for many years by other local groups.

This support fee will be accepted when you sign-in at the Concierge Desk at events at the church and other event locations, and will also assure proper handling of your pot-luck dish immediately on your arrival.

ATC asks for sliding scale of $10 – $5 per adult in support of the church for all gatherings. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but it is important to understand that your church needs your support in order to continue our mission of returning spiritual support back to you. ATC is fortunate to own the land and buildings, and we all must support, maintain and improve them for future generations to come. We understand and share the current economic burden that affects us all, and by working together, we can survive. If cash is an issue, we can accept credit cards, PayPal, or arrange an exchange of productive volunteer labor. Of course, such arrangements are best made in advance.

Our traditional “Prosperity Blessing” of the donation cauldron containing your contributions will continue to be made in Circle, so that any support you have given will be returned to you many-fold more. Help insure that the ATC can maintain and improve this wonderful land and buildings we are so blessed to own, and support the future needs of our ever-growing community. Please contact the ATC office in Index, WA or call 360-793-1945 if you have any questions.

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