Jim Barker: The Thumb

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Jim Barker: The Thumb

As a palm reader, I don’t just study the lines of the hand during a reading, I usually begin by reading the body language of the hand, that is, the position of the fingers, the tension in the muscles, the posture and position of the hand while at rest or in action.

Particularly revealing is the thumb. The thumb is the “doer”. Notice that everything you do involves your oposable thumb. Those who have lost the use of their thumb know better than any of us how much we rely on this digit.

In palm reading, I read the thumb as an indicator of how willig a person is to DO things. If the thumb is splayed out at a 90-degree angle from the hand, that person is rearing to go. if the thumb is pressed against the hand, or hidden in the fist, that person is definately attempting to avoid taking action.

You can use this little observation in your own life. The next time you are at a meeting, observe the thumbs of the attendees. Usually, those who are actively volunteering have their thumbs out and ready. Those who are quiet will have their thumbs in a more retracted pose. When someone is not speaking, look at their hands to check and see – are they willing to be recruited to your effort (thumb out), or are they hoping to get a pass (thumbs in).

Though difficult, you can train yourself to observe your own thumbs. Think of a situation in which you are called to action by outside influence. Then extend you hand while picturing this situation. Look at your hands (without moving them). The position of your thumb can indicate a lot about where you are in willingness and ability to take action.

I hope these thoughts inspire you to greater insight and knowledge.

Blessings – Jim

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