Jim Barker: The Middle Finger

The middle finger is well known for it’s rude gesture. In palmistry, however, the finger is ruled by Saturn. In my palm readings, the middle finger is all about philosophies, constructs and paradigms. In other words, the rules, boundraies and limitations we create in our life.

Depending on the finger’s gesture on the hand (body language) and its musculosketal development and featues, the finger reveals how important philosophies are in the querent’s life.For instance, if the middle finger is curled up when presented for a reading, it could indicate that the person is feeling stifled in their ability to put their processes or policies into action – or that somebodyis disagreeing with their ideas.

If the middle finger is over extended, the person might be really working to get their ideas across to others; and maybe even over doing it.

Strong saturn fingers (wider, straigher, thicker than ther others) is indicative of a person who uses rules and structure as helpful ways of doing things instead of obsticals.

Weak saturn fingers (nmore arrow, bent, thinner than the others) is indicative of a person who does not appreciate rules and structure – and prefers to use their gut, or go out on their own.

Weak or strong, both personalities are so nessiccary in our world. Those that appreciate structure, and those that are able to work without it.


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