Jim Barker: The Index Finger

Also known as the “pointer finger”, the index finger symbolizes leadership on the hand. This is evident in the actions performed by the index finger: it points the way; it is the finger that, with the opposable thumb, picks things up and pinches; it leads in most of the activities of the hand. In the Creation of Adam painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel , the index finger is depicted as the generative force. In the modern world, the index finger pulls the trigger, pushes the button, directs the children, and tests the batter. (after reading this you will, no doubt, notice many different things your handy index finger does – including it’s namesake, indexing [filing, in other words]).

When I am reading a client’s palm, I first observe the position of the digits in relation to the palm. I look to see if the index finger is overextended, or splayed out from the other fingers or maybe it is curved up toward the palm more than the other fingers. Each of these positions reveal elements of my client’s leadership.
Although there is no hard and fast rule for what each position means – I usually take many other things into account when reading – you can look at your hand and see into your life by interpreting the position of your fingers. Is your index finger over-extended? Does this mean you are in a job over your head? Or are you striving to lead in an environment that is working aginst you? The positive side of an over-extended index finger could be that you are committed to your work, and you are determined to see it through.

Or, perhaps your index finger curved up toward the palm in an over-relaxed position. Perhaps you are afraid to take a leadership role, or have been denied the ability to lead. The positive side of a curved up index finger is that you can be a great team player, and a great advocate for leadership of others.
Observing the position of your fingers, that it, the body language in your hand, and then thinking about your life, can help you access information and reveal character traits in a unique way.

I hope these thoughts inspire you to greater insight and knowledge.

Blessings – Jim

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