Jim Barker: Epiphany: Mess = Abundance

Wherever there is a mess, there too lives abundance.

“Piles” distance Affluence. I had this realization today during a phone call with my dear friend and fellow spiritual traveler Erika. We were talking about how another mutual friend of ours, in her packing of her home in anticipation for a move, found money and checks she had misplaced in messy drawers and piles of papers.It suddenly occurred to me: a great way to envision those messy cabinets, or that pile of stuff in the corner of the bedroom, are as places where abundance is hiding. No matter what that pile of stuff is – be it a pile of dirty laundry needing to be done, or a pile of things I yet to be put away, there is always abundance there. When I do my laundry, I come into the abundance of clothing and outfits. When I sort through that pile of miscellaneous stuff, I find that thing I was looking for, or I find change, or even checks or cash. When I work on going through the garage, I find things to sell on EBay, or to give away. Besides the physical abundance gained from working through these “piles”, there is spiritual abundance. My psyche is less burdened, and I am freed from that bit of concern or worry the pile of stuff was causing. I have created a clearing in which new possibilities can sprout.It works the other way also. When I work through something that is bothering me, or come to resolution with relationship that is troublesome, I find abundance there also. Abundance of peace and love – but this also leaves me less worried and more able to be creative in my life to allow in physical abundance as well.

Maybe we create those “piles” in our life because it is a way of distancing ourselves from abundance. “Am I worthy of abundance?” is the question that is always there in the subconscious. Our patterns might say “NO”, and society often says “NO”; so we create these piles that keep us separate from abundance – as though we were not worthy.

By answering the question, “Am I worthy of abundance?” with a resounding “YES”, I am energized and inspired to dive into that pile which has been bothering me for the past month.

Off I go to clean out my closet.


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