Jim Barker: Epiphany: Healthy Fantasy

Fantasizing about winning the lottery is like junk food for the soul.I do this as much as anybody – “What would I do if I won 50 million dollars?” This is often my morning ritual in the shower… fantasizing about winning the jackpot. I imagine how the lottery win would solve all my problems. I know how I would manage the cash – the mutual funds and type of investments I would make. I imagine the lawyer and financial advisor I would retain. I imagine the house and cars and vacations; the yacht, the jet, the property I would own. I could spend an hour doing this (and have!).Not so bad of a habit… is it?

Upon reflection, I often muse upon this idea when I am worried about finances; meaning, when I am in a place of fear or lack. I created the subhead for this post intentionally: Junk food needs to be consumed in moderation. Junk food should not be confused with snacks – as we all know there are lots of yummy snacks that are healthy for us.

Before I go any further I want to make a distinction between imagination (snack) and fantasy (junk food). And – for THIS post, I am using the word fantasy to indicate those train of thoughts that have a strong longing for, or have a strong lust for results, rooted in lack that leave you feeling longing and lacking. The train of thoughts that are inspiring I will call imagination.

Using our imagination is a powerful way to create our reality. But it can be tricky also. The more attached we are to the result, the more we are operating out of lack, so the less likely it will come to pass in the way our higher self intends. For more on the basics of this principle please read about the Law of Attraction (you can Google it).

When I fantasize about winning the lottery, I am being passive, hoping this will happen. I am powerless in this fantasy. So, what is the alternative? Well, I tried something else this past week. I consciouslystopped myself from the lottery fantasy, and started saying the mantra – If I could have One Wish, what would it be? It would be for nothing – because I am complete and whole and amazing already.

This has been very powerful for me. I am no longer giving my power away – I am affirming my own divinely inspired creative ability. I imagine how to grow my palmistry work. I imagine how to continue to have “right livelihood”. I imagine the next painting I could create. I imagine the next fun date I could take my partner on. And from this the ideas flood in! I think I need to invest in a waterproof whiteboard for the shower!

I shared this idea with my mom today – she called to thank me for the tulips I had sent her for Mother’s Day, and we had a wonderful conversation about life. I thank my mom for being so willing to share herself with me – her successes and mistakes, her wisdom and her learning. I really owe my ability of introspection and deconstruction to her. Thanks for teaching me “Step Four” so well. (more about “Step Four” here)

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