General Meeting

You are invited to the general meeting of the Circle of Hearth & Kin!

For full event details please visit our events calendar page.

Our circle is very new, and during this critical time of development, your input and energy are needed.  We want to hear what the community’s needs are and how we, as a circle, can step up to provide the type of activities and programs people want. This is an opportunity to have an open dialogue and brainstorm as a group.

Do we want full moon and dark moon circles? Study groups? Kids’ programs, like Spiral Scouts? Festivals? Field trips? Public education? Liaison services with other organisations? The list goes on and on…

What should we focus on, and how can YOU be involved?

The afternoon will begin with a short presentation on the vision of the Circle of Hearth and Kin, by Priestess Jennifer Rowe and Priest Kam Abbott. A Q&A and open discussion will follow.

Tea, coffee and light snacks will be served.

“The future is defined by those who show up!”



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