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Spiral Scouts In The News

Spiral Scouts offer highest rank to gay men that returned Eagle Scout medals

Here is the video from ABC News:  Spiral Scouts on ABC News

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The recent issue with the Boy Scouts of America upholding the gay ban within their organization is a striking blow to the LGBTQ community with which the iconic club was urged to reconsider its decision. A request that fell on deaf ears even after so much support and positive change has occurred for gay Americans within our country.

The media stream has been buzzing about Eagle Scout medals being sent back to Boy Scouts of America by gay men showing their pride in protest. A symbol that no doubt carries more than just a show of achievement but fond memories of a childhood for each gay man that chose to give back their mementos. Well, the organization Spiral Scouts International has stepped forward to show the gay community that great acts of sacrifice is not totally thankless.

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Spiral Scout International is being seen as an organizational equivalent to the Boy Scouts of America but without the discrimination. The Spiral Scouts started in 1999 after the BSA would not allow liturgy of certain faiths into their religious emblems program. Afterwards, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church answered, what they felt as, a much needed calling to give children of all creeds and backgrounds the opportunity to gain rewards and life lessons to carry throughout their lives.

Here is an excerpt from the organization’s website concerning the recent events unfolding between the BSA and the LGBTQ.

We would like to extend our admiration for those who have stood boldly in light of the recent events surrounding the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to uphold their policies regarding gay leaders, and scouts.

SpiralScouts International respects the leadership, and responsibility demonstrated by these brave men, who have returned their Eagle Scout badges over this disagreement. We offer each of you the honorary status of ‘PathFinder’, and the Award of ‘Founder’ (our Eagle Scout Equivalent) within SpiralScouts. This is our highest rank, and as you have set forth to hold to the ideals of understanding, equality, and leadership, that we strive for within SSI, it would be our honor to extend this to you.

Although it cannot repair the hurt that has been caused, we hope this gesture lends support to those who are struggling, and helps us take a step forward into a future that embraces all of us as the sacred beings that each of us are.

Whether the Spiral Scouts seems too good to be true or using this opportunistic moment as an opening to succeed where the Boy Scouts of America is failing in equality; these words may carry weight with parents seeking an organization that can teach their children tolerance and acceptance of others. A quality that many Americans are grasping too now that the gay community is slowly becoming part of the mainstream.

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