From the Desk of SpiralScouts International, and the Aquarian Tabernacle Church

We would like to extend our admiration for those who have stood boldly in light of the recent events surrounding the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to uphold their policies regarding gay leaders, and scouts.

SpiralScouts International  respects the leadership, and responsibility demonstrated by these brave men, who have returned their Eagle Scout badges over this disagreement.  We offer each of you the honorary status of ‘PathFinder’, and the Award of ‘Founder’ (our Eagle Scout Equivalent) within SpiralScouts. This is our highest rank, and as you have set forth to hold to the ideals of understanding, equality, and leadership, that we strive for within SSI, it would be our honor to extend this to you.

Our program, which began in 1999, was developed to be as inclusive as possible in all areas: it features coed groups and leaders and is nondiscriminatory in all regards (sexual orientation, religion, gender). The program is available to all children, and we are happy to be able to offer this option for scouts. Although it cannot repair the hurt that has been caused, we hope this gesture lends support to those who are struggling, and helps us take a step forward into a future that embraces all of us as the sacred beings that each of us are.


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