Summer at the ATC

We are going to have so much fun this summer.  I get back to Seattle in time for Litha on June 23rd and am staying till Lammas.  I will be teaching the Wiccan Seminary Freshman Core Series on Saturday starting at noon, before ritual.  I hope you can join us.  As a special offering for the members of the Mother Church, there will be no charge for these classes.  More information coming.

Belladonna Laveau, Archpriestess

Summer Itinerary

Litha – June 23rd – 7:30pm

Wicca 101/2/3 – Accelerated Wicca – Part 1

noon – 4:30pm

  • Relative Truth, Grounding, Religion v/s Spirituality
  • Personal Responsibility & Karma, Sacred Energy, The History of Witchcraft
  • Creating your own Reality, and Manifesting your Will, Shielding, Understanding Thought-forms
  • Connecting with your Patron God/dess, Channeling, The Power of Myth

Full Moon – June 30th

Wicca 101/2/3 – Accelerated Wicca – Part 2

noon – 4:30pm

  • The Human Energy Field, Seeing Auras, The nature of Dis-ease
  • Reincarnation, Space, Time and the Eternal Now, Past Life Regression, Utilizing Past Life Information
  • Celebrating the Sabbats, Harmonizing with the Seasons, Turning the Wheel
  • Celebrating the Moons, Recognizing Patterns, The Path of the Initiate

Pan Dark Moon Ritual – July 14th

Ritual 101 – Creating Sacred Space – Part 1

noon – 4:30pm

  • Creating your Personal Temple /Clearing Negative Energy
  • Sacred Tools/ Blessing and Consecrating
  • The Power of the Circle/ Casting
  • The Four Elements/Calling the Quarters

Lammas Celebration and Drum Circle – July 28th

Ritual 101 – Creating Sacred Space – Part 2

noon – 4:30pm

  • The God and The Goddess/Balance and Polarity
  • Invoking Deity/ Drawing Down the Moon
  • The Eight Paths of Power/ Raising Energy and Directing Power
  • Letting the Magic Work/Cakes and Wine and Banishing
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