Wiccan Chaplaincy

CHAPLAIN: Dr. Heather Botting-O’Brien

Heather belongs to a multi-traditional faith community. This is a provincially registered faith community and marriages are performed there by herself and Ms. Michele Favarger who works at UVic’s Student Financial Aid Office. This faith community is involved in the local hospital Chaplaincy programs as well.

The International body, which is also registered provincially, and is the body that is sponsoring Heather for the Chaplaincy, is named the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. They took this name about 15 years ago in the US. They are active in Australia, Germany, Ireland, the US and Canada. Their Arch Priest was the President of the Washington State Interfaith Council for 2 years. They also participate in many Prison Chaplaincies in the US.

The main focus of Heather’s Chaplaincy duties on campus is to give support to students who identify themselves as Wiccan because there is not often a lot of family depth or background in this faith tradition. Heather feels that because of past persecution, many followers of Wiccan are ‘in the closet’ with friends and family. She is experienced with grief counseling and has had extensive counseling experience in the Prison Chaplain Services.

For more information about Wicca and neo-pagan religions, drop by the Interfaith Chaplaincy in the Student Services Building at UVic, email us at: chaplain@uvic.ca or call us at (250)721-8338.

For further information please feel free to call Heather or Denis at (250) 388-9067, or e-mail us at hbotting@uvic.ca

– From the Interfaith Chaplaincy Services Website


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  1. Hello, do you do any cleansing over people who have been cursed. I’ve done my own cleansing and smudging but feel in my spirit that is may be too powerful for a one person job. I’m out in Shawnigan lake so i’m close to the Duncan area. Greatfully awaiting your response. Lesley

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